I LOVE FEELING MY LITTLE PEANUT KICK!! I’ve been feeling the baby roll around for a little while now, but now, I’m getting some full on kicks, and I absolutely love it! Of course, once my “peanut” becomes the size of a watermelon and the kicks start feeling like someone’s taking a bat to my ribcage, I’m sure I’ll have a change of heart, but for now, every time I feel a little kick it’s a huge relief!

On another note – we find out the sex of this baby in 16 days!!!!! It’s funny because with Brody I knew we weren’t finding out the sex, so it didn’t really matter to me, but now, I am so stinkin anxious to find out what we’re having that I’ve resorted to taking any and every “gender prediction” test there is! Here are my results so far..

Chinese Gender Chart- BOY

Baking Soda Test- GIRL

GenderMaker Test- GIRL

Ring Test- GIRL

Ramzi Reading- GIRL

Gut Instinct- BOY

I don’t know why I think this baby is a boy – the entire pregnancy has been completely different from Brody. Everything from my morning sickness to my cravings have been the exact opposite; however, I just can’t help thinking this baby is a boy. What do I want? A healthy, happy baby of course, but deep down, I really think another boy would be fun. I know how to be a mom to a boy – I have a gazillion boy clothes (thanks to my son and TWO nephews), and I wouldn’t have to worry about the teenage girl years (scary!!).

BUT if I were to have a little girl, I would be just as happy, although we have not one girl name chosen. Our boy name is good to go, but a girl name, now that’s another story!! We won’t be worrying about it until we find out for sure though…stay tuned!