There is nothing worse than being home alone  all day with a 2.5 year old when it’s RAINING OUTSIDE! Jeremy still has school (today is his last though thank goodness), so it’s just me and my little guy all day. I knew it was going to rain, and I was prepared to be stuck in the house all morning, so I figured I would make the best out of it!

Our first rainy day activity was acting out one of Brody’s favorite books, Sheep in a Jeep. If you do not have this book or any of the books in this series, I strongly suggest them!

Here’s a little preview of what happened when we brought this story to life (at 6:45 am!!)…


Brody really enjoyed himself, and I’m now thinking of other books we could act out!
After this I asked Brody what he wanted to do. He said, “I go on a date with mommy!” So that’s exactly what we did.
Our date began with a trip to Target (fun date right!) I needed to pick up a few things for father’s day, and I knew Brody had been eyeing up a Chuggington Train named Brewster the last time we were there, so I figured I would get it for him!
After Target, we continued our date in Panera, a place I take Brody on a mommy date at least once a month. Brody ordered his usual, a chocolate chip bagel with cream cheese and orange juice, while I indulged in a cinnamon crunch bagel! YUMMY!
The blurry hand is Brody’s new train Brewster who also joined us on our date!
When we got home it was raining pretty heavily, so I figured we would go inside and read some books, but Brody asked if he could swim in his little pool. I figured what the heck! I dressed him in his bathing suit and we braved the rain!!
Brody spent almost an hour outside in the rain doing everything from sliding into his pool to splashing in the puddles. Needless to say he was pretty dirty after running around in the mud, so he took a blue colored bath, ate some lunch, and is now peacefully sleeping with his new pal Brewster by his side! Now I have to figure out how to entertain him this afternoon!! Ugh…