I know I know – my work school just let out, but here I am back in school and spending my day writing papers! When I got pregnant with Brody I had just enrolled in graduate school at Wilkes University. You see, I have a whopping 72 master’s level credits and no master’s degree to show for it THANK YOU WEST CHESTER UNIVERSITY! I was told that taking all of my teacher certification courses at the master’s level would allow me to get my master’s degree as well, but that was a big fat lie, and so here I sit, attempting to write a Case and Law review on Search and Seizure rights in school (say what?)!

It wouldn’t be so bad IF I didn’t have a million other things I could be doing on one of the days Brody is in school!! I could be cleaning, cooking, reading, pinning, catching up on some Tivo shows, basking in the silence of my toddler-free home etc… but no, I’m sitting in front of my computer procrastinating writing!

The worse part is that because of my little bambino on the way, I won’t have a chance to even finish this degree for another two years unless I want to pay for the classes out of pocket, which isn’t happening! Oh well, I guess it will all pay off…one day! However today, I feel like sulking….