No, there wasn’t any doubt that Brody was the epitome of a little boy… 

He loves cars, trains, football, mud, etc…and his favorite pastime is to “tackle daddy” while yelling, “I’m the king of the world!” 

However tonight, Brody proved that yes, he is undeniably ALL BOY! Here is how the conversation went…

Brody- “Mommy, it’s so exciting!”

Me- “What’s exciting?”

Brody- “It’s SOOOOOO EXCITING” (yelling as loud as he could)

Me- “I heard you, but what is exciting?” (as I walked into the living room to see what was “exciting”)

Brody- “Look mommy – I have a big, BIG, HAPPY PENIS…It’s so exciting!” 

Me- “Oh brother….”

Jeremy- “Good job dude…good for you!”

Yes, I’ve always known that men love their male parts, but I had no idea at the young age of 2.5 years old my son, my sweet precious little boy, would so blatantly become a true BOY!! Life is going to be very interesting…