Day two is winding down, and man, did we have a busy/FUN day!!!! 

Brody was up around 7 this morning (he slept in lol!) and we had a yummy breakfast of my favorite, pancakes and bacon! 

We had to venture to the store early in the morning to get some necessities, and the overcast clouds did not look too welcoming – I admit, I was worried about our plans for the lake and pool today! 

After Brody spent about an hour playing with his new matchbox cars (he’s officially obsessed!!!), we decided to press our luck and head to the lake per Brody’s request! We got a GREAT spot right on the edge of the lake and went swimming as soon as we were settled! Brody loved running into the lake and falling into the water! He repeated this activity over and over, and it was too cute! 

I decided to actually sit and relax a bit on the edge of the water with my feet in water drinking a decaf ice coffee YUMMY! It was very relaxing – that is until Brody decided that a fun game would be filling up his bucket with goopy sand/water and pouring it all over me! My relaxing was short-lived, but the look of happiness on his face every time he poured his bucket on me was priceless! 

We were fortunate to be there about two hours before it started to rain…slowly at first – then it down poured!!! Luckily, we made it back to our trailer before the real storm hit, and it was just in time for Brody’s nap! The sound of the rain was so peaceful, it got this mommy tired, so I decided to take a little nap myself – something I NEVER do!!! I took almost at 1.5 hour nap, and it felt great…I love vacation! 

When Brody woke up, it was still raining, so we decided to make the most of it by putting on our bathing suits and having a water gun fight outside! For some reason, Brody just LOVES squirting me and me only! Go figure!!! I guess it’s payback for making him eat his peas lol! 

We then took him for a bike ride, and he loved riding his bike through the big puddles and getting very dirty/muddy – what a boy! The rain ended and the sun came out, so we headed straight to the pool! We spent the remainder of the afternoon there, and Brody had a blast jumping into the water, which he calls, “jumping over the marshmallow clouds!” 

We came back, had a yummy dinner of salad and baked ziti (thanks to my hubby) and finished with a skinny cow ice cream sandwich – delicious! Jeremy’s dessert was a Coor’s Original, which Brody decided he wanted to spell. He said, “C-O-O-R-S…Daddy’s Juice!!” I guess that’s what Coors spells huh? What a character….

Bedtime is approaching…we are all showered and ready to relax the rest of the evening. On schedule tonight – I’ll be kicking my husband’s butt at scrabble!!! Bring it on….