Today was a fun whirlwind of beach, boardwalk, and yummy food! We literally just go home, and Brody is already in bed!! He kept saying on the ride home from the boardwalk that he was “pooped!”

We started at 7:15 this morning (yes, he slept in again!!), and we immediately ate breakfast and got ready to go to the beach for the first time this vacation. Brody was so excited and kept saying that he wanted to see and pet the whales. I was hoping that wouldn’t happen, but hey, a little kid can dream right?

We arrived at the beach at 8:30, and it was a picture perfect morning. The sun was rising above the ocean, the clouds were white and puffy, and there was a cool, gentle breeze from the water…HEAVEN!! I can’t wait until I get home so I can upload the beautiful pictures I was able to capture of my little man having a blast on the beach! Everything about this morning was priceless…

We spent about 3 hours swimming, digging, building sand castles, and just enjoying the amazing weather. Brody kept saying that he “loves the beach” and kept calling the waves “big blue whales”, which I thought was super cute!

We got back home and gave Brody a quick lunch, then he was ready for a nap, and nap he did!! He slept from 1-4:30, which is a RECORD nap nowadays! We didn’t know if we should wake him up or not, but I figured he was exhausted from the morning. Jeremy and I got in about 5 games of War all of which I won. I even had an amazing comeback when Jeremy had all FOUR Aces!!!

Initially we were going to take him to the pool in the afternoon, but since he slept so late we decided to scratch that idea and take him straight to the boardwalk. It was the most perfect weather for the boardwalk too! Thank goodness because I was a little concerned about walking the long boardwalk at 6.5 months pregnant! The weather was amazing though, and I can honestly say, I wasn’t the least bit hot at all, which is huge for me to say these days!

We immediately bought some Chickie and Pete’s Crabfries with white cheese sauce (YUM!) and we all devoured them, even Brody who kept calling them “crabby fries”. While sitting on the bench enjoying our fries, Brody discovered what would happen if he threw a french fry down…SEAGULLS WOULD COME!! They attacked the poor fry, and Brody thought it was the most amazing thing in the world. He tried feeding them more, but to be honest, I stopped him because they were getting a bit rowdy and there was no way they were going to take those fries away from my preggo butt!

We then ventured all the way down the boardwalk to Wonderland-  a kiddie amusement park! Brody went on the Carousel, Firetrucks, Boats, Cars, and Thomas the Train Ride and had a blast! He especially loved the Thomas Ride of course!!

We decided it was time to get some more food (go figure!), so we stopped for some yummy pizza, and it was absolutely amazing! Brody ate an entire slice too, which is rare for him! After the pizza came the famous Kohr’s Brother’s Ice Cream I was looking forward to all day! I got a peanut butter/chocolate swirl and Brody got a cup of swirl with rainbow sprinkles; however, the little grubber ate all of my cone and half of his cup of ice cream! Ugh…I did manage to sneak in some bites here and there, but it was worth seeing him so happy! Plus, ice cream gives me heartburn lol!

On the way back to the car that we almost lost (side note to add that my husband was supposed to remember where we parked the car, but failed to recall which block we were parked on! This resulted in him running up and down the streets of Ocean City, NJ bare foot trying to find our vehicle! Too funny!) Brody stopped to hug several “characters” on the boardwalk including a Verizon Phone, which he called a “robot”, a gigantic french fry character, and an angry bird character. I actually think this was the highlight of his night!

We arrived home, gave him a bath, and put him straight to bed — he was out in less than 2 minutes!! WHAT A DAY!!! I don’t ever want to leave…