Day four is coming to a close, and it was a nice, RELAXING day!!

The weather looked questionable this morning, but that didn’t stop us from venturing out to the pool as soon as they opened. Yes, we were the first ones there! Brody loved having free range over the pool and running and jumping in wherever he wanted!!!

We just relaxed and swam the morning away. The sun even started to come out, and Jeremy advised me to sit in the lounge chair and just relax, which I was able to do for about 20 beautiful minutes until Brody wanted me to play with him! It was lovely!

We came back and had a quick a delicious lunch of grilled steak on the charcoal grill and wild rice – yummy! Brody went down for his nap, and Jeremy and I just chatted for a little while until one of his buddies who lives down here came to pick him up to “hang out” for a bit.

When Brody woke up, I quickly got him ready and took him back to the pool because by that point, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! The water was much warmer than this morning, and it felt glorious! Jeremy eventually met us at the pool feeling quite “happy” from his adult outing lol! We decided to pack it up and head home for dinner because Brody was asking for dinner!

After a dinner of “noodles” (what Brody calls baked ziti) and fresh veggies, I put my husband to bed for a little while (LOL!!!). I packed up Brody to give him some quiet time and we went to the ice cream parlor at our campground.

Brody couldn’t decide between the blue, yellow, and red ice cream or the pink with sprinkle ice cream – that is of course until I asked the women what flavor the first ice cream was. She said it was called “SUPERMAN” ice cream, and that’s ALL Brody had to hear!!! He got a cup of SUPERMAN ICE CREAM and happily ate it all while showing of his latest and greatest superman moves! I indulged in a chocolate yogurt milkshake, which was actually pretty good – not the real thing, but good none-the-less, and NO HEARTBURN WOOT WOOT!

Brody and I are watching some THomas the Train while we wait for Uncle Chris to arrive in a bit! Hopefully, Jeremy wakes up in time to hang out with his brother…I guess he’s not as young as he once was hehe!!