Here I am again trying to catch up on my pictures from vacation now that I know how to upload them faster! Here’s a look at day two…

Brody LOVES this game! He takes all of his matchbox cars, lines them up, and then races them one by one down the ramp. He then asks after each one, “Is THAT car in first place?” In which we have to say yes or no. If it’s NOT in first place, he says, “Which one want farther”, but it sounds like he’s saying “Which one went FATHER”…it’s so funny!

This is how I want to spend every morning – with my toes in the water, sitting by a beautiful lake, playing with my guys!

Brody loved making a “lake” and a “river” in the sand at the lake today! He spent about 30 minutes doing this…

Although it was difficult, Brody managed to ride his dump truck through the sand and into the lake countless times! He was determined!!

So after he drove his truck in, he had to fill it up with water and goopy water of course!

Pretending to surf in his river…he has good form doesn’t he?

All played out after a morning at the lake!

After Brody’s nap…this is what we had to deal with! It was pouring…but that didn’t stop us from having fun!

Since it was raining, we decided to just go ahead and have a water gun fight in the rain! It was so much fun – that is of course until Brody decided to only squirt me!! Go figure!

The rain finally stopped, but it was still pretty questionable, so we decided to just stay local and go to the pool! Brody loves jumping into the pool and saying that he’s “jumping over the marshmallow clouds!”

Homemade baked ziti courtesy of my husband and a caesar salad! YUM!

Can’t have a good meal without a yummy dessert and with an ice cream sandwich for only 120 calories, it makes it even more delicious!

Such a daddy’s boy!!! The hands on the face is his new “thing”! He does this all while saying “pretty please with a cherry on top”! Needless to say, he gets whatever he wants…lol!