Today was an interesting day of vacation to say the least!

To recap: last night Uncle Chris (Jeremy’s brother) came down to hang out with us for a few days. He arrived around 8:30 and we spent some time around the campfire. Jeremy made a miraculous recovery after his afternoon shenanigans, and he was able to hang out with us! Chris had a “few” – not going to say how many, but lets just say, he flipped over his chair…backwards towards the end of the night! It was one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! I went to sleep later than I wanted, and of course, when that happens, you KNOW your toddler isn’t going to sleep in…

Which brings me to this morning…yes, Brody was up at 6:15 – the earliest he has been all vacation. We made breakfast, played some cars, and even had a quiet dance party all while Uncle Chris slept soundly on the couch!!!

Daddy took Brody for an early morning ride on his bike while I got ready for the lake! The weather was NOT looking good, so we decided to stay local and not head to the beach, which was a good thing because around noon it started thundering! Fortunately, we got a good two hours in at the lake! Brody loved riding on his new elephant float, but only if it wasn’t in the deep part of the water. Go figure! Uncle Chris enjoyed sleeping laying on the beach by the lake…the entire two hours!!

We packed up when it started to thunder and headed home! Brody ate some lunch and he went down for his nap- for some reason, he was SO out of it, and we were hoping he would wake up a bit less cranky….that did NOT happen!

He took a nice 2.5 hour nap, but even that didn’t help his demeanor. I’m not sure if it was from waking up early, or just being pooped from the week so far, but he woke up and was miserable!! Poor guy…

We did venture out to Obadiah’s – a seafood house near Ocean City! My goal and quest was to order my first ever king crab leg meal!! In my 30 years of life, I have never had the opportunity to have these..until today!

The food was good, but Brody was NOT, which is so odd for him because he’s normally the most well behaved toddler at restaurants – and that’s a true story! Tonight, however, was a different story. Within five minutes of being seated Jeremy needed to escort him out of the restaurant because he wouldn’t stop crying! It was so strange…I felt like I was looking at a different child!

He did manage to calm down just a bit to eat his GIGANTIC hotdog! He did ate most of it, BUT was more interested in Uncle Chris’s noodles – something he normally doesn’t like at all!

I DID get my crab legs and Jeremy got the “captains feast” – which were both very yummy, but I can honestly say I will NEVER get crab legs out again because it’s just too much work, especially when you’re 6.5 months pregnant and starving!!!

We had planned to go to the boardwalk again tonight, but due to Brody’s crazy mood, we opted to just come back, build a fire, and let Brody have his first smores! He LOVED this part of the night even though he was still acting “off”!! He ate almost the entire smores and two other marshmallows right before bed…lovely! He is now trying to wind down while watching some Thomas the Train…here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day for Mr. Brody!!!

Yesterday, a little girl had an inflatable shark at the pool that Brody thought was GREAT! I went to the local shop to see if they had the same one, which they didn’t. Instead, they had a gigantic inflatable elephant! Brody liked it as long as he wasn’t in the deep water!

Uncle Chris was spent after last night!! This does look pretty relaxing though!

Brody was stylin in his outfit complete with Uncle Chris’ shoes!

I was looking forward to this dinner, and although it was good, the crab legs were too much work as was my toddler!

My crab legs! Yummy, but not worth the work – at least not at this point in my pregnancy!

Jeremy’s captain’s feast!!

Brody LOVED roasting the marshmallows by the campfire! This was the only time this evening that he was actually pretty happy and content!

Brody INHALED his smores!!!