This picture makes me smile…

The look on Brody’s face was priceless when he made it into the ocean! He absolutely LOVED the waves crashing on his feet!

My two loves heading towards the water! What a picture perfect morning…

Silhouettes of my two favorite guys…I love this picture!!

It’s hard to get a family picture when you’re the only ones on the beach, so we had to do it on our own!

Putting my “photography” skills to good use…hehe!

We love Sea Isle!

Every year since Brody’s been born we have taken him to the beach and did this same picture! It’s amazing to see his transition from year to year. This year, he spelled out his name and read it in the sand! He’s getting so big considering only two years ago, he could barely walk…

Jeremy was determined to fill up the gigantic sand castle bucket and felt very victorious, until….

….CRASH!! This was Brody’s victory….

Feeding seagulls at the boardwalk!

Who’s having more fun on the carousel??

Brody thought that boardwalk pizza was the BEST!! He even at an entire slice (backwards of course!)

A perfect ending to an amazing day!! Kohr’s Brothers Ice Cream! Of course, Brody had his cup AND my cone!!