Day six of our vacation is coming to a close, and it was a MUCH better day than yesterday for Mr. Brody!!

First, the weather was MUCH nicer than yesterday! From early this morning (well 7:10 when Brody woke up!), it was shining brightly! We knew it would be a perfect morning for the beach!

We all got ready and were at the beach before 9 o’clock! It was already much busier than the other morning, but we still managed to get an excellent spot. Brody immediately ran towards the “blue whales (waves” and was in his glory running and jumping into the water.

Uncle Chris enjoyed picking Brody up and over the waves, which Brody loved! He just adores his Uncle Chris with his favorite thing being their little car rides in the back seat together. I don’t know what goes on back there, but I do know that Brody doesn’t stop laughing the entire time. I could really use a permanent Uncle Chris for Brody on LONG car rides.

Back to the beach – I sat and tanned a bit while Jeremy and Brody filled up their huge sand castle bucket. They even enlisted a new friend, a three year old little girl who was sitting nearby.

We packed up for the beach around noon, but first made a stop at Primo Hoagies for some lunch. I’ve never had anything from Primo before, but both Jeremy and Chris were raving about it, so I figured we would give it a try. Unfortunately, due to pregnancy, I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted (an Italian hoagie), but I did get a yummy chicken parm hoagie. The bread was delicious, and I ate almost the entire thing, until about 1/4 of it landed on the floor. Darn pregnancy clumsiness! Yes, I can blame being clumsy on pregnancy even though it’s in my blood (right mom?)!

Brody took a pretty good nap, and we sad good-bye to Uncle Chris! I started to get VERY tired, so I laid down for a bit. I guess Brody woke up while I was snoozing, and Jeremy took him to the pool while I slept. He did leave me a note to let me know where they were, so I actually got some time this afternoon to relax…alone – something that rarely happens nowadays.

I spruced up the trailer and made dinner (yummy jerk chicken with corn on the cob, potato wedges and fresh mozzarella and tomato salad!) and my guys finally came back. I must admit – I missed them while they were gone!

Apparently Brody scored a new “hat” at the store near the pool – a pirate bandana, which he loved. He came into the house with it on saying, “Argh me matey – I’m a pirate looking for treasure!” – what a comedian!

After dinner we had some races with Brody’s cars and he’s quietly watching Cars now. He is definitely tired from the day’s events – but did say that he had so much fun! He even told Jeremy that he was his “buddy, sugar, sweetie pie” while we were eating dinner. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff.

Tomorrow is our last day of vacation! I’m bummed because we’ve had such an amazing time, and I loved not having to worry about the normal business of every day like, but I’m also looking forward to getting home and sleeping in my bed!!!

Brody and daddy are the best of friends! I love watching their relationship together, and I can’t wait to watch them grow to be even better friends. It’s really such an amazing bond!

Where’s Brody????

There he is!

Brody, Jeremy, and Uncle Chris enjoying the ocean on a beautiful morning!

Building a sand castle is a lot of work – in fact, we even needed to recruit some help from a nearby little girl!

Captain Brody ready to find some treasure…