As much as I ADORED our vacation! I am SO SO SO SO SO happy to be home. There is nothing like coming back from a week long vacation to your home – to your normalcy, your routine, your comfort etc… Jeremy, Brody, and I were all just overwhelmed to be back!

Of course, as soon as we got back, Brody INSISTED on seeing grandma and grandpa! In fact, he cried when we got home because they weren’t here. He sat looking out the window for 30 minutes after he woke up from his nap waiting for them to arrive!

First, my Uncle Tom showed up, and Brody liked seeing him! It’s been too long! Then, my parents showed up, and Brody was in his glory!!! He absolutely loves and adores them! Then “Uncle Rob” showed up, which was a nice surprise!

After some yummy pizza and a stromboli, Brody spent the rest of the afternoon playing with everyone! It was nice to be back with the family that’s for sure! I even got the opportunity to introduce Rob to an app called “SongPop”, which I’m starting to get addicted to! We are currently tied 7-7! BRING IT ON!!

Brody is sound asleep and this momma is about to crash too…in her nice comfy bed. Ahh…..