I have been trying to figure out how to keep my toddler occupied doing various fun/educational activities  for a while now! He loves doing “science” experiments, playing with his cars, reading books, dancing to music etc…but I can honestly say, our favorite go to activity to occupy Brody on a rainy/cold/stormy/too hot day is playing in the bathtub!

I LOVE letting Brody play in the bathtub because first of all, he LOVES the water and enjoys doing all sorts of crazy activities in there, and two, it’s an easy clean-up for mommy (SCORE!)

We have been doing bathtub play for years now…as early as I can remember, Brody has been painting, drawing, exploring etc…in the bath, and we always get about 45 minutes out of this activity. PLUS, he gets clean too, so we’re killing two birds with one stone…

Of course his activities have progressed since he was younger… When he was really little we did mostly water painting and sensory activities in the tub (playing with cooked pasta, colored ice cubes, etc…), but now, Brody loves learning from his activities. Today, we used the wall of the bathtub as an easel! Brody was so cute painting and “humming” while he worked. We then used our crayola bath color tablets to learn about mixing colors. He learned that pink and blue tablets will turn the water purple…and if you throw in some orange tablets, everything turns brown! He has been talking about his colored bath all night long now…

Of course it wouldn’t be a painting lesson if Brody didn’t paint himself too! I took this opportunity to paint some organs on Brody so he could learn their placement (heart, intestines, stomach, and kidneys)! We spent about 60 minutes play in the tub tonight, and it was a great way for mommy to relax a little!

Brody at about 12 months old painting and exploring in the bath!

Playing with cooked noodles at about 15 months old!

Frozen ice blocks were a huge success! I froze different objects in them, and he loved trying to chip away at the cubes to retrieve the object! This was about 6 months ago…

My little Picasso painting today!!

Painting himself of course!

“Mommy, here is my heart!”