That’s what the perinatologist said today about baby girl Gordon! She weighed in at 4.5lbs (a whole pound smaller than her brother did at this point), had a strong heartbeat, excellent fluid level, and is HEAD DOWN! Yep – she’s getting ready to make her debut for sure! The doctor said he is guessing she will be about 8lbs (again, a half pound smaller than her brother!), so that made me happy! Sadly, in typically girl Gordon fashion, she would NOT let us get a good shot of her adorable little face in 3D! They tried, but she is a stubborn one, and what the doctor called, “a wild child”! Hopefully her stubborn and wild tendencies leave themselves in the womb… 🙂 Only 7 more weeks until she is here if I go to full term!! 5 more weeks until “operation evict baby girl Gordon” begins!!