Wow!! I can’t believe little Miss Sadie is one month old already….I can tell this first year is going to fly by, and since this is my last baby, I’m trying to enjoy every minute (even the not so good ones!).

Currently, Sadie put herself into her own little nighttime routine! It’s working out great…she takes a long stretch (anywhere from 4-5 hours) from about 9pm-2am, eats, and goes back to sleep for another 2.5 hours. She will then eat and go back to sleep for another 2 hours depending on what we are doing that morning. If it’s a morning I have to take Brody to preschool she tends to sleep longer because of the car ride there and back!

During the day she pretty much just eats, sleeps, and poops, but she’s starting to have about 1 or 2 wake periods for more than an hour. She’s so stinking cute during these times, and we’ve even been able to get a few smiles out of her that weren’t poop smiles!

She’s an awesome baby with exception of her “burping” issues, but I think we’re making some progress with that! We are so blessed…

Happy One Month Sweet Sadie Rae!

One Month