Better late then never I suppose…here is Sadie’s birth story!

November 7, 2012 – I go for my 40 week doctor’s appointment and my blood pressure was 135/90. The doctor said it was a little too high, so he sent me to labor and delivery to test and rule out pre-eclampsia. I was 2 cm dilated and 30 % effaced at the hospital and was having minor contractions, but nothing to be too concerned about. After about 3 hours of being monitored and tested, the ruled out pre-eclampsia…thank goodness!

November 9, 2012- My second due date comes and I still feel fine with the exception of being tired and having contractions on and off. I was convinced at this point that little Miss Sadie would be coming any day…boy was I wrong!

November 12, 2012- I go to another doctor’s appointment. Everyone is surprised to see me there STILL pregnant. I have to admit, it was becoming comical at this point. Anyone who has gone over 40 weeks pregnant understands what I mean! Fortunately, the doctor was a different doctor then I have been seeing (a doctor I’m not particularly fond of because he doesn’t listen to his patients- but that’s a whole other story!). Dr. VanGalen said that since I was over 40 weeks and already had a pre-eclampsia scare that I was eligible for an induction. I was SHOCKED when he checked me and said I wasn’t dilated or effaced yet! How is that possible when I was the week before? He assured me he was right and the other labor and delivery doctor was wrong. That’s NOT what you want to hear when you’re over 40 weeks pregnant, but I was happy to schedule my induction for the following evening!

November 13, 2012- After spending the day preparing for my induction, I tried to just relax and get some rest! I was advised to call L&D at 6:00pm to assure they had room for me. I was nervous because the same thing happened with Brody and they canceled my induction for that night because it was a full moon and too busy. That night there was a new moon (apparently another labor inducer), so I was pretty nervous about it being cancelled. Sure enough, I called and they said there were too many natural births happening and there wasn’t enough room. She said I could come up in two days!! TWO DAYS!! I would be almost 41 weeks pregnant. I was heartbroken and just felt defeated, so I sort of yelled at her and explained my situation. She then said I could call up in the morning to see if there was room!

November 14, 2012 (5:00) – I called L&D and I was thrilled to hear that I was able to come in for my induction at 7am. I took a shower, got my things together, said a long good-bye to Brody (It was emotional knowing he wasn’t going to be my only baby anymore) and I drove myself to the hospital. Jeremy had to take Brody to school, so I started my induction on my own, which was fine since it was a long, boring process…at first!

7:00- I arrived to L&D and was happy to be taken right back to start my induction. After filling out paperwork and getting prepped, it was a waiting game for my doctor to get out of a meeting to start my induction.

9:00- Jeremy arrives to the hospital! I was relieved to have him there and have some company!

9:20 – My doctor finally arrives and checks me! She says I’m 2cm dilated and 40% effaced..PROGRESS! She begins my induction my “ripening” my cervix with a small little pill – the same pill I had with Brody. With him, I had to have THREE rounds of the pill inserted to get to 3cm, which is when they would start pitocin. It takes a total of 12 hours, so I tried to make myself comfy! She said she would come in at 1:30 to check my progress.

12:45- I start having some contractions, but nothing too unbearable of consistent!

1:30- Still no doctor to come check me because she is in a c-section..awesome!

2:00- They send in a resident doctor to check me. They seemed to forget to tell me that she was a pretty new resident and had no idea what she was doing! She PAINFULLY checked me (hurt worse than labor!), and said I wasn’t dilated at all. I couldn’t understand how that was possible since a few hours before I was! I yelled and demanded someone else to check me. They sent in the “head” resident doctor, and she said I was 3cm dilated and 60% effaced! Thank goodness she knew what she was doing. They said they needed to wait for my actual doctor to see what the next step was.

2:45- My doctor arrives and checks me again…OUCH! She said I was also 3 cm and was ready to move to a L&D room to start my pitocin.

3:00- I arrive in my L&D room and get situated!

3:30- They start my first round of pitocin. I was still feeling fine and was pretty darn comfortable actually!

5:00- The nurse ups my pitocin because my contractions were getting irregular. She also gets me some chicken broth and jello since I was starving. It tasted like Heaven!!

5:20- The “bad” resident doctor comes in and says she is going to check me at 6:00. I cringed just thinking about it. My nurse, Sue, who was awesome said she was going to tell the resident that I was refusing to get checked.

6:00- My nurse leaves to start another induction, but promises she would be right back. The “bad” resident came back in and said that she needed to check me because my doctor needed to know if I had made progress. I was so nervous; however, she checked me and it was much better this time and I was 4cm dilated and 80% effaced.

6:30- Another resident comes in and says my doctor wants them to break my water! I knew at this point that it was going to get scary! I remember when my water broke with Brody, that’s when the pain started, so I asked the nurse to give my IV fluid bag at that point so I could get my epidural if I needed it. The resident breaks my water and the contractions started to pick up immediately!

7:00- Contractions start coming FAST and HARD! Those pitocin contractions are WAY more painful than regular contractions. They also last longer and don’t have as much time between them. I was doing pretty well with the pain though by rocking on the rocking chair. It really helped!

8:30- The nurse sends for my epidural! I was in a lot of pain and just couldn’t do it anymore!

9:00- The doctor comes in to give me my drugs! I tell him that with Brody the epidural didn’t work on my right side, so I was assuming that would happen again! I was right…it didn’t work on my right side, so he kept giving me more and more drugs to try to numb it at least, which it did, but I still could feel everything on that side!

9:30- The resident checks me and I’m only at a 5 even though my contractions were fast and strong. I was a bit discouraged, but she said I should try to rest. I was laying on my right side when I started to feel this uncontrollable pressure…

9:45- I tell the nurse that the pressure I am having is actually hurting and that I need to push! She said that she would send for a doctor to get me checked again, but I wasn’t thinking anything had changed considering I was at a 5 only 15 minutes earlier. The pressure was unbearable though…

9:50- The resident checks me and says that I’m “complete”! I nearly died! It was showtime! They called my doctor to come in from home and they said I needed to wait to push until she arrived. That was almost impossible considering my body needed to push!

10:30- My doctor arrives and is finally ready for me to push. Pushing felt so much better than holding her in!!

11:00- I’m still pushing and getting discouraged! I could feel her coming down, but then she would pull back in no matter what I did. The doctor and nurse were having conversations about Christmas shopping and their kids like it was just another day on the job for them…it made me laugh!

11:30- I am exhausted from pushing! Brody was delivered in under an hour of pushing, and I assumed she would come out faster since he “paved” the way for her…I am discouraged and ask the doctor for some help. She finally agrees that she should use the vacuum to get her out.

11:45- they attach the vacuum and I immediately feel her coming down further but she wasn’t out completely!

11:51- I am pushing with all of my might and I feel her head coming out! Everyone starts screaming and telling me to STOP pushing, which was so hard to do! I look up and see Jeremy’s face looks petrified…I immediately knew something wasn’t right and begin yelling “WHAT’S WRONG!!” No one was answering me!!

11:53- Sadie Rae Gordon arrives….turns out the cord was wrapped around her neck twice, which is why should was having a hard time coming up! She came out screaming though, so I knew she was perfect! They immediately put her on my chest and the first thing I noticed was how light and blonder her hair was. I checked her hands and toes to make sure they were all there and she was great!

12:00- The doctors are fixing me up and the nurse is cleaning up my beautiful little girl. I couldn’t get over how light her hair was and how adorable she was! As soon as she was done I started nursing her and she fed like a champ! That was the end of one of the best days of my life…a whirlwind, but worth every second to have my little princess!