Tonight was a milestone (sort of) for us as parents….it was Brody’s first school “holiday concert.” We weren’t really sure what to expect from him, but we tried to prepare him for what was going to happen throughout the week. His teacher said he knew all of the words and moves to their songs, and that he was one of the students who was always involved while they practiced, so we were hopeful!

We invited my mom and dad along to partake in the shenanigans and when the time arrived for Brody to go with his class…the tears began to flow! I’m pretty sure he was worried we were going to leave him because, well, that’s what we do when he’s usually around these people. He later told us he was crying because he wanted to stay with us and not go to sleep at school lol!

Luckily, he calmed down with the help of his teacher Miss Chris, and the show began. It was so cute seeing all of the little kids performing and shaking their bells. After three or four “shows” from the younger classes, it was time for Brody’s big debut!

He started off facing backwards and had the hardest time keeping his antlers on his head; however, once the teachers and other kids began to sing, he quickly caught on and began singing and dancing (and picking his nose, but that’s a totally different story!). He sang two songs – The “Reindeer” Hokey Pokey and some other song that I’m not familiar with. That song required the students to hug their friends at one point and of course, Brody had to hug his “girlfriend” Amirah!

All-in-all with the exception of the beginning tears, Brody’s first concert was a success and Sadie even slept through pretty much the entire event!!


Brody dancing with his girlfriend Amirah


Hugging his girl!


Really loving the ribbon!


Dance Brody Dance


And another hug!