Brody is finally at the age where he is really excited about Christmas and understands Santa, giving presents etc… All he does is talk about Christmas and Santa and decorations and presents and Christmas songs etc! Needless to say, we are in the Christmas spirit at the Gordon household.

We decided to take Brody (and Sadie) to breakfast with Santa at Willow Tree Grove (where we were married!). Brody was absolutely in shock when Santa arrived! He was screaming at the top of his lungs, “MOMMY LOOK!! SANTA!!!” It was a magical moment to say the least.

Of course, he was the first in line to sit on his lap too! He ran right on up and looked in square in the eyes and said, “Santa – I want Rocky, Scruff, and Whiff for Christmas!” (All trains from Thomas the train). We’ve been practicing what he would say, and he nailed it!


This is his Santa picture from breakfast! Love his smile!

We also decided to take both kiddos to see Santa at the mall for a more traditional Santa photo. We went on a Thursday night and there were no lines…perfect for us! We walked right on up and again, Brody had another magical moment!! We managed to get Brody and Sadie both in Santa’s arms and captured this priceless picture!

565481_10152314442885507_1487223123_nAll-in-all…our Santa experience this year was magical! Definitely not like Brody’s second Santa experience when he was about 15 months old…remember this?155815_10150323128220507_983223_nAlthough is first Christmas picture was ADORABLE!!! I can’t get over how small he is here and how much he looks like Sadie!! 11245_335426160506_8165110_n