To say that this Christmas was magical is truly an understatement! Brody is finally at the age where he understands Santa and giving/receiving, and he was so excited for Christmas and the festivities! He talked about Christmas every day, found “Elfie” (his Elf on a Shelf) religiously each morning, and memorized pretty much every Christmas song after listening to his Christmas CD every day! Needless to say, Brody was excited for Christmas!

To be honest, I was extremely excited for Christmas as well. I couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when he came down the stairs and saw all of his new presents. I was also excited to play with some new toys! HA!

We celebrated Christmas Eve at my parent’s house, and of course, the food was amazing (my mom made my favorite CHICKEN PARM and COCONUT SHRIMP…she loves me;), the kids had fun playing with each other and sitting on top of the refrigerator (Are we the only family that does this?), and Santa (AKA Jeremy banging around and saying, “ho, ho, ho” outside) showed up! The kiddos were spoiled as always, and Brody was very excited for his new train set and his keyboard, which he’s been playing with continuously! Sadie…well, she pretty much just slept through her entire first Christmas!

Christmas morning…Brody woke up EXTRA early, and I wasn’t quite ready for him to come downstairs yet, so he had to stay in his room for about 30 minutes. He kept saying…”Santa is coming over and over!!” Finally, Jeremy went and got him and told him that Santa must have come because there were presents everywhere in our living room. Brody raced down the stairs and was in awe at all of the gifts! He went right to his new train Thomas train track of course and started happily playing. He spent about 2 hours opening and playing with his presents. We have always taken his presents out of the boxes and assembled everything so he can play with his toys immediately, but it makes opening presents take a long time, but it’s so worth it! Sadie woke up about 45 minutes into opening the presents, but she was much more excited about eating then her new play gym and floor mirror!

After Brody’s nap we headed over to Jeremy’s parent’s house, and again, there was excellent food and Brody and Sadie were beyond spoiled! Brody really loved his new Tonka truck and Sadie’s seahorse toy lol!

And now here we are, the day after Christmas, and we have been happily playing with all of Brody’s new toys. Even Sadie was able to enjoy her new play gym this morning. I look back and think about Christmas 2012 and feel so blessed to have my family….

Merry Christmas!!

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