This post isn’t entirely dedicated to any one thing, as I need to catch up on lots of “things” that have been happening!!

1. HAPPY NEW YEAR- So I completely forgot to post about our new years. It was pretty uneventful with a 6 week old. In fact, we pretty much just hung out around the house, and I went to sleep at 10:30! I just couldn’t “hang” any longer. Gone are the days of partying and staying up WELL past midnight….for now! I did manage to sneak out with my little guy for one of our infamous “dates”. It was the first date we were on since Sadie has been born, and we both loved every second of it! We went to Panera (as always), and like old habit, Brody remembered exactly what to order – A chocolate chip bagel and an orange juice! We were pretty much the only people there, which made it that much better! We sat by the fireplace and just enjoyed each other’s company with no crying, feeding, or changing diapers to interrupt our conversations. I must say, I miss  these one on one moments with him, so we’re definitely going to try to have dates a lot more often!


2. SMILES- Sadie has been smiling since she was about three weeks old, but recently, she has really been smiling up a storm. She loves to give us open mouth smiles right after she eats, which is when she is at her happiest of course. Sometimes, she even gives me a few smiles while she’s nursing – super cute! Her smiles melt my heart, and now, I just can’t wait for her belly laughs!


3. 2 MONTH CHECK UP – I can’t believe Sadie girl just had her two month well visit. She wasn’t quite two months yet (a week before), but regardless, she did great! She weighed in at 12lbs 3 oz and was 22 and a quarter inches long. The doctor said she is, “happy, beautiful, and STRONG”! He was impressed at how well/long she could hold up her neck and could “sit” up with his assistance. Brody was the same way, so I wasn’t really surprised! She received five vaccines and an oral vaccine, and she took them like  champ. She hasn’t even been fussy since she’s gotten them, which is the complete opposite of Brody who was always out of commission for DAYS after his shots! She’s much more complacent…maybe it’s a girl thing!


4. PERKINS PLEASE- So Brody loves going to Perkins. You would think we were going to Disney with how excited he gets when we go there. One day over Christmas break he woke up and said, “Mommy – grandma and grandpa are going to come over and take me to Perkins.” I’m pretty sure he had a dream (dreaming about food…sounds like his mommy lol)! He wouldn’t stop talking about it, so we decided to take him and Sadie out to breakfast. It was Sadie’s first restaurant experience, and she slept through the entire meal! Brody was in his glory with his rainbow pancakes and whipped cream, and Jeremy loves the full pots of coffee they bring over to the table!


5. Christmas with friends (PART ONE)- Each year, my girlfriends Kerri, Kerri, and Nicole get together to exchange Christmas gifts for our little ones. Last year because of our crazy schedules, the exchange happened sporadically throughout the year going all the way to July even! This year we were determined to meet up around the holidays and fortunately we did. Even though the weather was TERRIBLE (always is when we get together for some reason!), we managed to make the trek up to Kerri’s house to have yet another Christmas! The kids were all spoiled and it was cute to see Brody, Colin, and Ella interacting. Kelsey and Sadie pretty much just watched/slept during the gift opening, but their older siblings were more than happy to help them open their gifts! Love these girls and their babies SO SO MUCH!


6. Christmas with friends (PART TWO)- This was the first year that Jeannine, Katie, and I were able to get together with the kiddos to celebrate Christmas. We went up the day after we went up to Kerri’s…two days in the Poconos and man I forgot how much colder it gets up in TOBYHANNA! It was a blast seeing the girls and the babies. It’s just amazing to me to see them play together and start interacting with one another. Jeannine was an awesome hostess, cooking us steaks, potatoes, and all of the fixings YUMMY! THe kids were yet again spoiled and it was so great to see everyone!

7. Fun in the snow- Brody just LOVES playing in the snow, and although we don’t have much, he’s willing to play with what we have and make the best out of it. After playing outside and having some snowball fights several times, we realized that Brody didn’t have a sled, which is a travesty given where we live at the top of a very steep hill! Out Jeremy went to get Brody his sled, and he has been using it quite often. He loves being what he calls himself a “daredevil” by going down the hill in the backyard and jumping the sled off of our deck! He’s the coolest kid ever…


8. Getting old- finally today is my 31st birthday! HOLY COW! I have no idea how I got to be 31 already, but I’m so excited to see what great things this year brings. I’m excited to spend time with my husband, babies, friends, and family members – we already have a great family vacation planned for August down in Ocean City, and I’m going to try to convince my girlies to go on a wine tasting getaway some time in the fall with just us girls! I’m loving the fact that I get to stay home with my babies this year, so that in and of itself makes it a wonderful year! I’m also looking forward to taking care of ME (so hard with kids!) and getting myself back to where I want to be now that I’m officially done with babies!! This is going to be a great year…bring on 31!!!