When Brody was a baby, we purchased the “Your Baby Can Read” system purely because I thought the videos looked good for infants. I was against the idea of sitting my kid in front of a television all day, but I figured one 20 minute video a day wouldn’t kill him! We started showing him the videos when he turned three months old – he would happily sit in his swing while watching the videos and would often coo and smile at them! We DID NOT follow the suggested schedule of showing two videos a day and flashing a bunch of cards in front of him like the program states. Instead, we just showed him some videos and then when he got older and he became interested, we started showing him the flashcards. They are actually pretty neat flashcards that pull out to a picture, which is really why we were using them. Again, we didn’t drill him, but rather, we let him play with the cards and as he would pick them up, we would tell him the word and show him the picture…THEN…

When Brody was about one we took out the book from the system that had about 20 words in it that would slide to a picture. One day I noticed him pointing to the word baby and doing the sign language for baby. It was just the word…not the picture. I thought that was pretty cool, so I said, “Brody, can you point to the word BOOK!” Again, he pointed right to the word book. I sat there and did the entire book with him and he pointed to every one of the words correctly when I asked. I was shocked so I made sure to take video of it to show people who wouldn’t believe me HAHA!

When he was about 15 months old he was able to “read” (I doubt he was reading but rather memorizing the words) about 100 words (all of the flashcards from the system), and he would pick up the correct card when asked to find a word and he would even do the sign language motion for the word if he knew it since he couldn’t talk! Again, we thought this was pretty cool, but we never drilled him…we just took his cues.

When Brody started daycare at 18 months his teacher was SHOCKED when he was able to point to the days of the week on the calendar when she asked if he could show her Monday! I’ll never forget how excited she was to tell me that afternoon when I picked him up! I also noticed that Brody was able to do something similar with the months on the calendar we had at home…again, I didn’t think anything of it!

When Brody moved up to the next classroom when he was two his teacher was again SHOCKED when Brody was able to point to each of the names of his classroom friends when asked to find their cubby. She couldn’t get over the fact that he could “read” their names at only two…again, I didn’t think anything of it!

When Brody moved up to the next classroom his teacher was SHOCKED when he was able to point to, distinguish, and spell  not only his name but also several of his classmates names along with multiple words…again, I didn’t think anything of it!

Fast forward to the month before Christmas this year (just over three years old). We decided to buy Brody a new book for each night leading up to Christmas. Some were Christmas books, others were books I knew he would enjoy. Jeremy and I loved how he would run up the stairs to his bedroom to find his new book waiting on his bed. I would say that he was able to “read” almost all of the titles of the books although many of them weren’t entirely correct. He was at least able to read some of the words correctly…this impressed us!

Last week Brody and I were sitting at the table eating breakfast. He was looking at his box of lucky charms and said, “Mommy, that box says LUCKY CHARMS!” I said, “Good job buddy!” But I knew he probably just knew what the box looked like, so I said, “Do you know any other words on the box.” After studying the box for a few seconds he said, “Yes…that says BOX TOPS” and pointed to the small words “BOX TOPS” on the upper corner of the box. I couldn’t believe it!

This morning he was helping me get his breakfast ready. I had the freezer open looking for something and my “helper” was pulling out packages of veggies because he thought it was fun. He stopped any said, “Mommy, this vegetable box says GREEN GIANT!” I was pretty sure that he knew how to read the colors, but the word GIANT through me for a loop. I think he learned how to read that word because we shop at GIANT! It amazed me that he was able to “read” the words and make the connection between the grocery store and the package!

Although this may seem like a pointless BRAG post about my SUPER GENIUS son….it’s mainly a post to say how proud I am of my smart little boy who amazes me not only with his intelligence, but also with his sense of humor, statements, love etc…every single day!

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