I would love to hear from other parents about what’s been going on with Sadie’s naps and see if anyone else has gone through this!

Sadie is now 11 weeks old, and she has ALWAYS been an awesome sleeper for both nap and nighttime sleeping; however, over the past week she has completely changed her nap routine – in fact her ‘naps’ have gone from 1-3 hours long to EXACTLY 30 minutes on the dot. It’s like an internal alarm clock goes off and she is up 30 minutes from the time her eyes close. It’s very odd…

Nothing really has changed with the exception of her taking a few naps in her crib instead of her swing, but even her naps in her swing are 30 minutes long.

Now I know I shouldn’t be complaining since she does still give me at least a 6-8 hour stretch at night, and she does wake up pretty happy but these 30 minute naps are becoming a nuisance, and she can only stay awake about 45 minutes since she isn’t fully rested!

She looks so peaceful when she sleeps…I just wish it would be a tad bit longer! Anyone go through something similar? Advice?