I’ve been meaning to write this post for two weeks now!

Two weeks ago Brody was in desperate need for a haircut. Now, if anyone knows my son, they would know that he DESPISES haircuts. In fact, the first time we took him for a real haircut at the barbershop, he FLIPPED out the entire time and needed to be held down. Jeremy and I vowed that we would never go back lol! He was 18 months old at the time…


Getting ready for his first haircut! This was right before all hell broke loose!


Don’t let that smile fool you! He had been flipping out, but his haircut did look cute!

We decided to just start shaving his head because it would be a lot easier to deal with. We shaved his head that month and have been doing it ourselves ever since. At first it was a NIGHTMARE. Jeremy and I would both need to hold him down and meticulously shave his head and trim up his sides while bribing, holding, and threatening him during the entire process. Needless to say, it was something that both Jeremy and I dreaded each month!

However, over the past two months he’s gotten a lot better. I was able to shave his head all by myself with little crying, NO holding down, and a simple bribe of a new toy car following the cut. Low and behold…he did great!

On this particular Thursday (January 24th), I took at look at my shaggy guys head of hair and made the spur of the moment decision to attempt to take him for a haircut, alone, with Sadie in tow!

We arrived promptly at 9am (right when they opened so no one would witness his shenanigans), and surprisingly, Brody was all about the haircut! He jumped right up into the chair, put on his Toy Store smock (which he LOVED), and the haircut began. He didn’t move, flinch, cry, yell or scream! In fact, he actually smiled happily most of the time. I really felt like I was watching another child get his hair cut!

After his cut he looked adorable! He jumped down, said “THANK YOU!” and helped himself to a lollipop! I can’t believe MY CHILD did so well with his haircut, and it made me so proud to see how much he is growing up and maturing! Needless to say – we will be going back and our days of being hairdressers are over (unless you’re Jeremy and you shave your own head!)


Who’s child is this?!?! Smiling and happy ready for his cut!


Making the first cut…he didn’t even flinch!


ALL DONE! How handsome!