Holy smokes – my Sadie girl is 3 MONTHS OLD ALREADY!!!

We couldn’t ask for a better baby….

She sleeps from 9pm -5am every night, eats, and the goes back to sleep until 8am. She spends her days happily cooing at us, smiling at Brody (she ADORES watching and smiling at him!), sitting in her bumbo seat (NOT on the counter…haha!), and sucking on her Sophie giraffe. She is really into sucking and chewing on things already, so I’m wondering if she’ll start teething sooner than Brody did!

She can sit unassisted for about 15-20 seconds before she either falls to the side or forward and she loves to stand up!

Her naps are sporadic during the day, but we can usually get at least on big nap in the afternoon from her with a bunch of catnaps the rest of the day…

She STILL is a bugger to burp, but I think that the burping issues we have are soon going to be in the past because her “episodes” are getting shorter and shorter as she spends more time sitting up!

We are so blessed and love her to pieces …what a perfect little Valentine!
IMG_3909 IMG_3935 IMG_3924

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