Although I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, I do think it’s important for kids to do something special this day…I had lots of things planned for our day this year since Brody wasn’t going to be in school…

First, we made Brody’s Valentines for school and brought them in yesterday for his friends. I got this (along with many other ideas) from Pinterest – my favorite website!

566265_10152536015555507_1170107625_nThen we made Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow —so yummy!!


Sadie helped me make breakfast for this morning….Strawberry Nutella Pop-tarts! (Yes she’s in the bumbo seat on the counter…GASP!!, but it was only for this picture!!)


Then Brody and Sadie made Daddy a Valentine’s Day card…this was far from easy to get the handprints of a three month old onto the paper!!

IMG_3944Brody scored some new cars (from the movies Cars), a few new movies, and of course, some chocolate (yes he was eating a little bit of chocolate heart at 7:00 am BEFORE his breakfast – we break the rules here on Valentine’s Day!) 861995_10152539277480507_699552814_n 861820_10152539278710507_1909739386_n

My attempt to take a picture with two out  of three of my Valentine’s….poor Sadie!