We ventured to Great Wolf Lodge yesterday/last night/today and we had a blast! This was Brody’s second time there, but the first time, he was only 18 months, and wasn’t that “into” it…this time, however, he LOVED it!

We brought our nephew, Robert, and of course Miss Sadie as well, so we knew it was going to be extra fun (and extra exhausting!!).

Brody couldn’t contain his happiness having Robert with him all day/night!! The second we got there they started holding hands and walking like that every where!

We ventured into the water park as soon as we got there – Brody was in awe and Robert immediately tried running right into the splash pads! Sadie’s eyes LIT UP when she saw all of the water (girlfriend loves her baths!). Daddy did the honor of putting her in for the first time and after a slight hesitation due to it being a tad colder than she’d prefer, she was over it and loved sitting along the edge, happily splashing on the splash pads.

Brody and Robert loved every aspect of the park – the wave pool, the swimming pool area, the “big green and yellow slide” (what we heard over and over again from Brody because he loved them so much), and the basketball area. We were in shock because Brody actually let us put him in a life jacket to swim in the big pool since he’s WAY too big for us to hold anymore. Last year he would have a tantrum any time we tried to put one on, so this was a HAPPY surprise and so much fun watching him bob around and swim by himself.

After the water park we ventured to the arcade for a bit, and even I was loving the games they had! The boys played a close game of air hockey and enjoyed sitting in the ice cream truck ride.

Dinner included a yummy buffet, in which the boys loaded up their plates, but barely ate anything (except for their cookies for dessert of course!), but I’m pretty sure they were just way too tired to eat!

In the lobby following dinner was a game of pass the wolf to the music (sort of like hot potato only with a stuffed wolf). The boys has a blast playing – Robert got out first, and then once Brody saw Robert sitting on the sidelines he decided he was done too even though he wasn’t out!

After baths (which they insisted on doing together!!), they got into their PJ’s and we went to story time. Brody got a kick out of the talking moose, and Robert liked the singing raccoon!

All of the kids were pooped by this point, so they all happily and quickly went to bed! They slept all night long in their bunk beds and Sadie only woke up once to eat (woot woot!).

In the morning the boys met the characters in the lobby, although Robert wasn’t a huge fan…they looked “creepy” he said! We then had some breakfast and went back to the water park for some more fun!!!

All-in-all, we had a blast – the boys were AWESOME and loved every second. There were no tantrums or punishments (what?!?!) and Sadie had an great time too! We can’t wait to go back only this time, as Robert told us, we need to stay for 3 days and make sure we stay in every room!


I’m pretty sure they’ll kill me for this one day, but I had to snap this – the did everything together! Even peed together….


Daddy = baby whisperer…I don’t know how he gets her to sleep anywhere!


Everyone loves daddy/uncle Jeremy!


As soon as we got there, they were inseparable!


Pretty excited to go to the waterpark!


Sadie’s first glimpse of the water!!


Sadie’s first time in the pool!


My pretty little water baby!




Sitting pretty in bathing suit number 2!


She loved sitting in the water!


Brody taking on the waves in the wave pool! After he would say, “I took that wave like a boss!” SMH!


Poor Sadie…


Story time…they were exhausted but you wouldn’t know it from this picture!


And then they wanted to sleep together on the top bunks…I don’t think so…


First time in one of her many bathing suits…

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