Ok – so Sadie is only 5.5 months old, but I swear, this child thinks she’s about 8-9 months! For example…

She’s been sitting, unassisted, since she was 3.5 months old. Yes, this is quite early, but I just figured it was because we always had her sitting up to help with her reflux.

Then, she tried solid food around 5 months old (but we’ve unfortunately had to back off because she gets BACKED UP…) She is not a fan of purees, but would rather eat whole sweet potato fries, or half a banana like a big kid. I thought to myself, great, she will be easy to feed, but the anxiety while she eats because I’m constantly afraid she will choke is awful.

Next, we tried to introduce a sippy cup to her – she would SORT OF drink out of it, but would much rather have the top off and drink out of it like it’s a real cup. She rarely chokes while drinking this way either…scary!


And now, her new favorite thing is to stand up ALL DAY LONG up against anything. In fact, she can even stand up on her own for a little while before she starts to fall back. She is happiest when she is standing; however I, again, am a constant ball of nerves waiting for her to fall backwards! (She does have a jumperoo and an exersaucer, but she gets tired of them fast!)

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Please Sadie, stop growing up so fast and stay a baby just a little while longer! Mommy wants to hold onto this baby phase a little bit longer (and isn’t even close to baby proofing the house!!)