Brody had his first karate class yesterday, and I must say, he did AMAZING and loved every second of it. He woke up this morning asking if he could go back to karate today…

I was a bit nervous as to how he would do in the class because he doesn’t always like social events (he gets sort of shy…), but he walked right in, and never showed any signs of being hesitant at all – although he did keep looking back to make sure we were still watching him through the window!

He is attending Leading Edge Martial Arts School in Bethlehem, and it’s a beautiful site! I’m actually considering taking their cage fitness class because they’re running a mother’s day special..WOOT WOOT!

I’m pretty sure his sensai, Ms. Jenn could kill me with a single leg sweep, but she was super nice and great with the kids! Brody REALLY loved tackling her and punching/kicking the kickbags and guards.

He said his favorite part of the class was when he was allowed to tackle the teacher and hug the little girls…(my ladies man!). He also loved playing “kia kia goose” (they’re form of duck duck goose and I have no idea how to spell any karate lingo!). He sat still pretty much for the entire 45 minute class, waiting patiently for his turn (this is sooo not my child!), and listened/followed all of the directions. I guess we will be keeping him in karate for a while….

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