AHHHHH my baby girl is already 6 MONTHS OLD!!! I just can’t get over the fact that she’s 6 months already. I swear time is going by so much faster with her than it did with Brody…she needs to stop growing up so fast – I’m not ready to have her be working her way towards 1!

Well, words can’t describe my obsession and love for this sweet little girl. She has completed our family and made me realize that I could never imagine not having a daughter. Before her, I never though I wanted a daughter – all boys for me is what I wanted, but I can’t believe I ever felt that way now. She is just such a joy, and I can’t wait to do all of the mother/daughter things with her and experience all things “GIRL”! I’ve already had a heck of a run with dinosaurs, monster trucks and wrestling with Brody, so Sadie is adding a nice change of pace already with her pink wardrobe, adorable headbands, and girly ways…

Sadie isn’t the best sleeper nowadays, but I think that it’s because she is SOOOO ready for solid foods that she needs them to help her stay full longer at night. We’ve figured out her constipation problem, so now she can finally have some solid food more consistently. Since this has happened, she is now sleeping from 7-7 with only one wake up to eat around 2 am and goes right back to sleep. Here’s hoping this continues since she put us through three months of no sleep!!

All of a sudden she swears she can crawl…but on her back…so I don’t know what this is called. If she’s laying on her back she will kick and squirm her way across the floor or up her crib. I have to go into her bedroom and reposition her several times during her naps because she “back” crawls herself up against the crib rails (thank God for breathable bumpers!). She is also starting to do the “reach to crawl” thing where she’s sitting and will reach so far for a toy that she falls forward and catches herself in the crawl position. Again, not ready for this to happen at all!

She is also starting to mimic us when we “talk” to her. If I say “hi” to her, she makes a sound that is similar to “hiya” back! She will also say “ah ah ah” repeating after me…it’s so cute. Her laughs are becoming more regular now and don’t require so much work. Sometimes, all I have to do is kiss her cheek, and I will get a good chuckle out of her!

She still adores her Sophie giraffe, and has recently found a new love…her foam books. Those things taste pretty darn yummy to her! She also likes to suck on her aden and anais blankets to put herself to sleep if her pacifier falls out. Brody is still her favorite past time though and she will watch him and the cats for hours!

Love my sweet little 6 month old Sadie girl…

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