Sadie turned 7 months old a few days ago, and man, has she changed…a lot!!


She has started sleeping through the night (6:45-6:30), which is AMAZING, but her naps during the day haven’t been that wonderful (she takes MAYBE two naps a day for a total of about an hour and a half!), so I guess she’s pretty wiped out once her nighttime sleep comes. I’m not going to complain because Brody didn’t sleep through the night until he was 18 months old!


She’s not crawling yet, but she’s definitely getting ready! She rocks on all fours, pushes herself all around the floor, goes backwards and SOMETIMES goes forwards, which surprises her! She is also into that phase where she just wants to pull up on anything and isn’t content just sitting around anymore…that went fast! Her favorite thing to do is still just stand up all day long on anyone or anything! She’s going to be mobile and into everything soon!!


She has also started eating a lot more solid food (and has gone on a nursing strike, which means I have to pump all day long ugh!!). She now LOVES avocado mixed with bananas, butternut squash, and anything that is “real” food and not pureed like pieces of chicken, watermelon, pear, banana, etc…she is also doing so well at picking up her cheerios or puffs by herself and is slowly but surely getting her pincher grasp down to pick up one at a time. She also feeds herself perfectly with a bottle now too…my baby is growing up FAST!


Her newest thing to do is say “maaaaaaaaa” or “mmmmmmm” all day long especially when she’s mad or wants something. Several times it’s come out sounding like “MOM”, but I’m not going to say she saying the word just yet! Still, it’s pretty darn cute! She also loves to play peekaboo and CRACKS up with the best belly laughs when we play. She really likes playing with Brody’s toys (action figures, toy cars) and he is still her greatest entertainment, especially when he tries to “get” her by running at her from across the room. He’s a pretty awesome big brother…most the time!


Sadie got to go swimming in our pool, which she loved! She is definitely a water baby like Brody was. She even loves laying down in the bathtub while I hold her behind her head and she just cracks up when she kicks her legs and splashes me in the face!


Like Brody, Sadie got her very first cold two weeks ago (the same time Brody got one!), and then it turned into pink eye…ugh! Poor girl has had it rough the past couple of days, but you wouldn’t know it since her disposition is still just as sweet as ever. She happy to just sit around and watch everyone and even when she’s tired and hasn’t napped the whole day, she’s still as happy as can be and will put a huge open mouth smile on her face!


Sadie has two teeth now (both bottom teeth), and is definitely working on some more based on how much she chews on everything! She loves her Sophie giraffe to chew on or some good old frozen washcloths!


She is just the happiest, sweetest, most adorable little girl in the whole world! I feel so blessed to have her every single day….

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