So, last night Brody received his first yellow stripe at Karate Class and “graduated” to the next level! We are so proud of him and how much he has accomplished in his first session of karate. He absolutely loves it and practices his moves all the time at home!! His behavior has also drastically changed while he’s in his class too – instead of goofing around, he sits patiently, does as he’s told, and pays attention. We’ve also noticed a big improvement in his behavior at home, but that could be because he’s getting closer to 4 years old! Who knows..

His favorite thing to do is pretend that we are strangers and attack us while we try to “take him”. This is something they taught him at class and he is great at making sure a stranger can’t take him!! He has one heck of a kick and screams “STRANGER DANGER” at the top of his lungs..

We are definitely sending him to the next session and are excited to see how he continues to grow in karate!