My sweet Sadie is 8 months old today!!! GAHHHHH this infant stage is almost over, and I feel like it just started!!

Sadie is changing before my very eyes…she is no longer just content sitting around and playing with toys – oh no, she MUST be either scooting around, pulling up on something (or someone – don’t even TRY to sit next her otherwise you are guaranteed to be a jungle gym), or finding her next thing to get into! She is definitely going to be one of those babies who gets into wires, outlets etc…so we definitely need to baby proof our new house as soon as possible! (YES, we are moving in just 10 days!! AHHHH)!!!

So aside from sort of crawling (backwards and scooting forward, but she hasn’t quite mastered the whole hand in front of hand thing even though she DOES get to where she wants to go somehow), Sadie can pull up to stand, push herself into the sitting position from being on her belly, cruise around furniture, stand unassisted for about 15 seconds, and FINALLY roll around both ways without any problem. About two weeks ago she mastered the roll from back to belly and has been sleeping either on her side or her belly ever since.

Speaking of sleep – once she actually gets to sleep (which is hit or miss depending on her night) she will sleep from about 7:30-6:30, but man is she a mover and a shaker while she sleeps. She starts at the top of the bed and always winds up at the bottom in the corner, just out of the vision of the video monitor, which scares the bejesus out of me all of the time!!

Eating wise, she just LOVES all regular food and wants nothing to do with being spoon fed. She will always take three spoonfuls and then that’s her limit. So we have to coax her to take her purees by holding a piece of actual food in front of her mouth so she opens it and then we quick sneak the puree in!! Every two or three sneaks and she gets the “bait”! HAHA! She loves to drink from a straw and doesn’t really like her bottle- which is all formula finally!! After a nursing strike two weeks ago and a week of nothing but pumping, I decided to call it quits and she has been on formula with two bottles of frozen milk a day! I think she would take more bottles if they were all breastmilk, but she does OK with formula and is definitely NOT starved (still a little chubbs mcgee!!) Her favorite foods are still avocado, banana and cheerios, BUT she now loves any kind of homemade pancakes, toast, chicken, ground beef, peas, yogurt, cubed carrots, pear spears, whole strawberries, honeydew, watermelon and even tried a tiny piece of soft pretzels and a small lick of ice cream while we were on vacation! She loves real food that’s for sure!!

Sadie got to go to the beach for the first time this month!! She loved EVERY second of the beach, especially eating the sand, which she did happily for at least 30 minutes. She’s so different from Brody who wouldn’t nap on the beach, sit in the sand, or even sit on a blanket in the sand! She fell right to sleep and loved every second of the water and sand! It was a blast and she was just such a good girl the whole time!! She also loves the water whether it’s the beach or the pool and loves to “kick, kick, kick” while she’s “swimming!”

Sadie’s laughs are contagious and so funny that I can’t help but try to make her laugh or tickle her just to hear it. SHE LOVES when I say, “I LOVE YOU!!” really slowly- it makes her laugh every time. She loves to play peek-a-boo, give kisses, and just recently added giving high fives to her repertoire of things she can do!! She loves doing what we call, “shy girl” where she pretends to be shy around other people and hides her face from them, then quickly picks her head back up and smiles pretty at them! She’s a flirt too!! Uh oh…

She also loves to play with anything that is Brody’s, but toy cars are definitely her favorite and she just doesn’t have time for her baby toys anymore, unless it’s her sophie giraffe, which she still adores!

Her daddy is still her favorite and she tries to get his attention no matter what he’s doing it. She will screech, yell, or do whatever she has to get him to look at her, and once he does, she gets the biggest open mouth smile on her face! She has the greatest smile!

She is just the sweetest, most amazing little girl in the whole wide world. Every day she just makes our lives so complete and we are so blessed to have her! I can’t imagine my life without this little girl…

8 months

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