Happy 9 months to my sweet, SASSY, Sadie girl!

More time out than in from here on out!! HAHA!

Words can’t describe how much Sadie has changed in just 4 short weeks – along with getting a new house (a blog will be posted on that someday!!) everything about our little girl has completely changed!!

Sadie is full on crawling like a maniac and boy, is she into everything she shouldn’t be! Brody never cared about outlets, wires, stairs etc…but Sadie is infatuated with them, so we had to baby proof the new house IMMEDIATELY!! She loves to stand on her own, and can do so for a long time – well, until she gets too tired of standing and then either does a deep knee bend down or falls onto her butt! We were lucky she learned how to go from standing to sitting without going through that awful “fall straight back and crack your head stage” that Brody went through! She has taken loads of steps on her own, but is FAST when she’s holding onto someone’s hands. This child swears she can walk and FLIES with her cruiser squealing in delight the entire time. She really just wants to keep up with her brother.

Sadie also got her two top teeth in (one the DAY we moved into our new house, which was lovely and the other two weeks later). She’s already getting another top tooth in now, and man, these suckers are causing her a lot of pain! Poor girl…that probably explains why her favorite things to chew on are wires, straws, my cell phone case, and my hair! Awesome…

Eating wise, Sadie still takes 4 bottles of formula a day, but will only take a full bottle if it’s before she goes down for a nap or bed. Otherwise, she takes about 2 ounces here or there, which would explain why she is a whole 3.5 lbs lighter than Brody was at this age! She does NOT like to eat any pureed foods, and will only eat “real people” food as long as she can feed herself. We have to constantly trick her to get food into her little body, although she does NOT look like she doesn’t like to eat or drink – she’s such a little chubbs McGee! Her favorite foods are watermelon, cantaloupe, peas, carrots, chicken, chicken noodle soup, avocado, pears, broccoli, noodles, and cheerios! (All whole food – not purees!)

Sadie is taking two naps totaling about 2 hours during the day and sleeps from 7:30-7:30 at night. She will wake up occasionally if her teeth hurt or if she is a little sick, but otherwise, she sleeps straight through and it is HEAVENLY!

Her personality is really starting to shine! She is definitely a little pepper pot who knows what she wants and wants it right away! She can go from happy and content to miserable and hysterical all in a matter of a second. She HATES getting dressed, which is awful since mommy loves to get her dressed up everyday, but she does like wearing headbands (THANK GOODNESS!!)

She adores Brody, and now that she is mobile, she must go wherever he is. She loves to play with his cars or just crawl over to him and climb all over him. Luckily, Brody is a pretty good big brother (most of the time) and loves playing with her. He even taught Sadie how to do “bangy bang” on the high chair tray! They both sit there and just smack the tray for a good 15 minutes all while laughing! She is also OBSESSED with her daddy and will only fall asleep for him! She always tries to get his attention by screaming or screeching, and she gives him the sweetest looks and smiles all of the time! Definitely a daddies girl….

Sadie also LOVES going for walks in our new (hill-less) neighborhood and really loves going out to eat, going shopping or just going anywhere for that matter. She is a total ham and loves when strangers talk to her! She’s just too cute…

Sadie doesn’t do much babbling other than “mmmmm” and sometimes it comes out as “maaaaaa” when she’s mad! HOWEVER, she loves to screech and squeal all day and night!! She also does this crazy low grumbling grunt, which Jeremy and I call her “zombie” noise. She would make the best zombie in The Walking Dead – no joke! It’s soooo funny and cute!

We are loving how much she has changed from a little baby to an older infant! Although she is definitely keeping us on our toes and I’m sure she’s going to for a while…she’s definitely going to be a trouble-maker…a very cute trouble-maker that is!!

She needs to stop growing up so fast! I can’t believe I have already started planning her first birthday party and have the pictures for her invitation next month…I want to keep her a baby just a little longer…


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