Well, last year I wrote a post for each day we were at the beach, but this year, things are far too crazy, so I will be doing an abbreviated version!!

Saturday: Wake up. Pack up. Leave at 7:30. Long drive. Sadie’s crying. Wawa has no bathroom? Check in. Cloudy. Kids nap. Unpack. Beach dressed. Kids wake. Beach time. Weird moat? Strange foam. Rough waves. Dinosaur lost. Dinosaur found. Dinosaur swept out to sea. Dinosaur washes back up. Fried chicken dinner. Monsters vs. Aliens. Music trivia. Good night. Sadie sleeps through the night!

Sunday: Rain rain go away. Indoor pool. No diapers allowed. Brody, mommy, daddy swim. Sadie takes multiple steps. Movie time – PLANES. Sold out. Arcade. Brody bar dances. Naptime. Still raining. What’s for dinner? No dinner until 5pm? Next stop. Gourmet burgers. Man tells me to feed Sadie. Alligator bites. Fried pickles. Habanero pickles. Mouth’s on fire. So not funny! Waitress forgot to mention it! Dairy Queen. Ice cream for Brody. Back home! Sadie’s asleep. Movie time – over the hedge. Sadie wakes several times :/

Monday: Sort of sunny. Beach time. Lots of sand in Sadie’s mouth. Crashing waves. Shark life jacket. Naptime. Lots of sleep. What’s for dinner. Bonfire. Great buffet. Brody eats how many desserts? Yummy food. Sadie makes a mess. Grandpa loves it! Jeremy’s STUFFED! Movie time – over the hedge. Kids asleep. More trivia. Sadie sleeps through the night.

Tuesday: Questionable weather. Pool time. Beach time. Sand everywhere. Naptime. Sadie doesn’t nap well. Staying at the condo. Wine tasting. Bottle bought! Jazz Band. Bar food for dinner. Brody plays with lots of girls. Brody dances to the band. 80 year old adores Sadie. Sadie gets passed around. Sadie wears her shoes for the first time. Tries to walk around all night. Bed time. Sadie sleeps through the night!

Wednesday: Cloudy. Beach time. Pool time. Sadie’s cranky. Cut another tooth. Wants to walk everywhere. Brody loves his new cars. No sharing for Sadie. Nap time. Sadie doesn’t nap well. Boardwalk time. Italian food for dinner. Ferris wheel. Lots of walking. Bedtime!!! Sadie wakes multiple times throughout the night!

Thursday: Cloudy and Sunny at times. Chill day for the kids. Movies and playtime at the condo. Pool time. Naptime. Pool time. Sadie loves the little pool. Brody can stand in the big pool. Sadie loves to go under. Parents go to Phillips for dinner. Get ready. DATE NIGHT! Mackys. Hot buffalo tenders. Bacardi and diet cokes. Best 90’s remix ever. Ace of Base. Return of the Mac. Dancing Queen. Time to leave. Bedtime. Sadie’s up for three hours.

Friday. Last day. Partly cloudy. Sadie can walke! Beach time. Bury daddy. Sadie’s cranky. Rough waves. Fall down. Find Brody. Run Brody Run. Pizza on the deck. Naptime. Start packing. Dinner at dough rollers. Sadie loves Spaghetti. Sangria. Yum. Bedtime. Pack up. GOOD NIGHT! Sadie is up all through the night.

Saturday: Wake up. Was up all night. So tired. Pack up. Sadie’s cranky! Darn teeth!!! Leave condo. Five hour ride home. Traffic. Back roads. Finally home…it’s good to me home! Fun time, but need another vacation!! (Sadie sleeps through the night!!)1148879_10153123489950507_206818204_n IMG_3859 IMG_3880 IMG_6376 IMG_6379 IMG_6390 IMG_6403 IMG_6413 IMG_6419 IMG_6423 IMG_6428 IMG_6439 IMG_6449 IMG_6465 IMG_6471 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6478 IMG_6480 IMG_6482 IMG_6483 IMG_6484 IMG_6487 IMG_6489 IMG_6497 IMG_6501 IMG_6511