My sweet little stinks McGee (charming nickname right? lol) is 10 months old today!! Why oh why is she growing so fast?

Sadie is a BALL OF ENERGY and just as sweet as can be! She is full on walking nowadays, no, actually, she’s RUNNING! She starts off going slow, realizes she has it down, and then runs the rest of the way. She pretty much just walks everywhere now and only resorts to crawling when she’s too tired to walk to her next destination!

Her favorite things to do are: crawl up the stairs, attempt to walk down the stairs, play peekaboo, chase Brody around the kitchen/dining room/living room, read her princess book, play with her music table, go in and out of her barnyard door toy, give kisses, clap hands and sing songs. Her latest “accomplishment” is sighing “water”, giving kisses on command, giving high fives on command, walking (obviously), drinking from a thermos (yes, she insists on using a big kid thermos water bottle like her big brother – she will NOT use her sippy cups anymore!), swinging, crawling up the big slide (all by herself – and yes, she gets to the top without any assistance) and “swimming” in the hot tub (when the temperature is set to low!!) I sometimes feel like she is older than 10 months will all that she can do, but then, at night, when I’m rocking her to sleep, she still just looks so teeny tiny, I remember that she is still so little still…

Her favorite foods are: ANYTHING that is a real food! She gets no purees and insists that she feeds herself. I can sometimes spoon feed her some yogurt, but instead, she would much rather have the tubes of squeeze yogurts since this means she can do it herself. She is trying to use her own spoon to feed herself too, although this usually ends up with more food on her than in her! She loves chicken, all fruits, peas, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, soups, pancakes, waffles, toast, scrambled cheesy eggs, pizza crust, and pasta! Girlfriend likes to eat, but definitely still prefers her bottles over anything else! She still gets about 5 bottles a day, mostly before she goes to sleep to soothe her, and a few during the day at random times. She must hold the bottle herself though if it’s during the day, but must have us hold it for her before her nap so she can drift off to sleep!

Speaking of sleep: Sadie is sleeping through the night HOLLA!!!! She goes down around 7:30 and sleeps until 6:30! Sure there are times when she wakes up around 11 for a cuddle, but I think its’ her teeth since she is cutting two more (two bottom outside bottom teeth!) She currently has 6 teeth (four on top and two on the bottom) and is an OK teether for the most part – definitely better than Brody was for sure (I swear it’s her amber teething anklet she wears all the time!)

Sadie is a sweetheart and loves her brother more than anything/anyone. She will only give him kisses (most of the time – every now and then I get one too), follows him wherever he goes, and just wants to be around him always. I love watching them together especially now that she’s getting older and can interact with him. She likes to “talk” to him during meal times, which means she grunts, waits for him to say something to her, grunts back, waits for him to talk again, then she starts cracking up. Homegirl really thinks she is having a conversation and it’s the cutest thing in the world. She doesn’t “Babble” much but she does plenty of grunting and hollering to get her point across. In fact, just last night she walked over to the fridge, started banging on it, and grunting until I gave her the water she was hollering for!! She’s one smart cookie…

And speaking of COOKIES!! Her milk and cookies themed 1st birthday is in the works and scheduled for November 17! I have so many fun and yummy things planned I can’t wait for it to be here, although I don’t like the idea of her turning one already!

I just adore my sweet little girl – it’s hard not to! She is so sweet and happy most of the time (HAHA!) and is pretty darn good if you ask me! She is my sunshine and I can’t wait to see what the next month brings…

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