So I know I’m a week late, but my Internet has been pretty craptastic lately and SLOW, but it’s finally up and running smoothly again…anyway!

My BIG boy is 4 years old! I just can’t believe it’s been four years since he was born and since I became a mommy! Brody has so many qualities that I’m in awe of – his intelligence, his humor and wit, his kindness, his inquisitive nature, and mostly, his never ending love that he shows for everyone.

Brody weighed in at 42 pounds and was 42 inches tall! The doctor said he was going to warn us that his BMI was borderline obese until he came in and did his physical and realized he is “solid as a rock!” He is a BIG boy and is definitely a strong little guy – he can lift up 15 pound dumb-bells with ease and lift up pieces of furniture like they’re feathers! He is wearing big boy clothing now (yes we dropped the “T” after the sizes and it sort of made me sad!) He wears a size 5/6 pants and shirts and is just growing like a weed!

Brody’s favorite things to do now are to play anything SUPERHERO, Toy Story, or Car oriented. He loves his new Big Buzz Lightyear and Big Woody that he got for his birthday, and sleeps with them every night. His favorite movies are Toy Story 1, The Incredibiles, and he went with mommy to go see Planes and with Pappy to go to Turbo and LOVED both of them (I’m thinking Christmas presents FOR SURE!!) He also loves playing with his iPad and just likes the apps that read him stories- his favorites being Three Billy Goats Gruff and Little Red Riding Hood. He also really likes his new handwriting game on there, and it’s really improving his writing. He has a difficult time writing the letters in his name (B, R, and D are pretty hard for him!!), but since he’s been playing his game he can easily write them most of the time!

Brody is also an avid reader – whether it’s us reading books to him or now him reading books to us, he loves everything there is about reading. He has the level 1 reader editions books and can read them to us with no problem (not by memory, as he read them to us as soon as we got them without knowing the story). He amazes me with his reading abilities and it’s almost scary how he can do word associations already at this age… If you ask him what he is, he will say, “A Genius!” I may be him mother (and totally bias), but I would have to agree that there’s something extra special about this little boy’s intelligence!

Brody is also SUPER funny – the things that come out of his mouth crack me up! He likes to tell knock knock jokes now and they go like this… “Knock knock”, “who’s there?”, “Apple”, “Apple WHO?”, “APPLE MOMMY!!” He always takes an item and then a person and puts them together and we always make sure to laugh at the end…haha!! He also has the a great sense of wit too – he gets things that I wouldn’t expect most little boys to get when telling jokes or talking sarcastically. If I say something sarcastic, he usually knows and will call me out on it! There’s NO getting over on that child…

Brody is a super good big brother!! He is jealous as time (naturally), and doesn’t like when Sadie is touching his stuff, but he is definitely growing into his role as the big brother. If Sadie starts to go towards something he shouldn’t, he will quickly call me and try to stop her. He stands behind her when she crawls up the stairs, picks up her water cup after she has thrown in down a gazillion times, play with her and her baby toys, and I even catch him giving her hugs and kisses when I’m not looking just because he loves her so much!! Brody is still in school two days a week and loves it. He just moved up to the 4K classroom and is doing really well. He is separated from some of his friends now, but he still has his favorite “girlfriend,” Amirah, in his class, so he’s ok with that! His other “Best friends” if you ask him are, Robert, Ella, Kelsey, John, Sadie, Mommy and Daddy! But he says that his girlfriends are Ella, Amirah, Kelsey, Lucy, Kylie and Cassidy. He is certainly a ladies man and never leaves the little girls alone wherever we are! In fact, his little “girlfriends” from school send home pictures for Brody!

I am definitely loving the age of FOUR! Much better than THREES FOR SURE!! Those were nuts at first… He is much more independent, helpful, and able to interact more like a little boy than a toddler. I love having in depth conversations with him and I love the questions he asks me…basically, I just LOVE this little boy… he is, as I tell him, my favorite guy in the world!

Happy 4th Birthday BRODY!! WE LOVE YOU!!

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