I know I’m a few days late (10/14), but life is CRAZY busy and hectic…so here is the last of Sadie’s monthly posts…I can’t believe it!

Sweet Sadie is 11 months old! How can that be? I mean, wasn’t she just born?!?!! I can’t get over how quickly she has grown, how fast this year went, and that she is going to be one next month! Here’s what’s going on in the world of Sadie Rae…

Sleeping: Sadie has had a rough patch in the sleeping department for the past few weeks. Take a stubborn tooth that won’t come out and couple it with a little cold, and that makes for some awful nights sleep in the Gordon household. Luckily, she seems to be getting better and slept through the night the past two nights thank goodness! She is a bugger when it comes to naps though. Homegirl ain’t got time for THAT! She’s much too busy for napping these days, although she definitely still needs them. She currently wakes up around, naps around 9:30-11:30 and then her next nap is hit or miss. Sometimes she will nap from 3-4…sometimes 3:30-5 WHO KNOWS! I still thinks she needs two naps, but man, she does not like to take that afternoon one!

Eating: Sadie is down to about 4 bottles a day now. I’ve slowly started to introduce some regular whole milk to her in a cup, and she loves it! She especially loves to eat her cheerios with milk now and DEMANDS that I let her feed herself. True story! She’s surprisingly good at using a fork and spoon, although I have to help her with the stabbing part! She will not allow us to feed her, instead, mealtimes go like this. We put something on her fork, she takes the fork and feeds it to herself, repeat over and over again. She doesn’t even really like to use her hands anymore. I don’t know what to say about this other than the fact that she is little miss independent. She does still love her bottles though – so transitioning off of those should be fun (NOT!)

New accomplishments: This month has brought on so many new accomplishments…she can say “hi”, “dada”, “mama”, “uh ya”, which I think means “yes” and I swear she says “cat”! She can point to objects in a book if you ask her to such as ball, cat, clock, flower, dog etc.. She has learned to growl back at you and we have growling contests throughout the day!! She loves pointing to the halloween decorations especially the big spider and pumpkin decorations we have on our sliding door. Brody is her favorite playmate and all she wants to do is play with him or his toys. Oh and she can get down when music comes on! Her little booty shake and dance moves are too cute. Her favorite songs to dance to are “The Boys round here” and “Blurred Lines” LOL! She can also walk down the stairs. She goes up two or three stairs, holds onto the side railing, and walks herself down without falling! She loves to clap, point, dance, and growl all day long – she’s seriously so much fun and growing, learning, and changing daily!

Favorites: Sadie loves the following things: DANCING, growling, broccoli, coconut chobani yogurt, green beans, blueberries, chicken, daddy, the broom, climbing up slides, singing old macdonald, being outside, driving in the cozy coupe, her bink (she sleeps with one in each hand and one in her mouth!), jumping on the trampoline, cats (in the books!), bathtime, brody’s water cups, biting on straws, pasta, soup, playing in the leaves, climbing up stairs, mommy, spiders, brown bear brown bear book, and Brody!

My next post will be about Sadie’s first birthday/party and I can’t believe it! I have so much to do before it gets here and I know it’s going to be here before I know it! Sometimes, when Sadie won’t let me put her down for her nap and insists that I rock her, I’m reminded of how precious this time is with her and how soon, it won’t be like this anymore. She won’t be a baby, or need me to rock her etc..and in those sweet, serene moments, she makes me realize that I need to slow down and enjoy every second of this amazing ride…11 months 644145_10153297505310507_808439440_n 992639_10153256137605507_1370489265_n 1373539_10153283796200507_81761574_n 1375231_10153297514315507_1945422085_n 1379301_10151987902833824_938626340_n 1382847_10153307680625507_390538108_n 1383869_232509663574032_1785884324_n owl