Brody’s first soccer season (U4 team) has come to an end! It was a fun and interesting first sporting experience for us as both a parent and as a coach (Jeremy!) Yes, that’s right, Jeremy was suckered into helping coach in order for us to get Brody on the team since we missed the registration! 🙂 He’s a good sport that’s FOR SURE!

Brody enjoyed playing soccer, but he definitely had some rough moments. He was always excited to get out there and play, but when he wouldn’t get the ball (which was often) or he made a mistake, he would get very upset and sort of give up! It was hard to try to teach him that he is on a team and everyone needs a chance to get the ball, but he just wasn’t having it some days! He was very good at running up and down the field and never got tired throughout the entire 45 minutes! During scrimmages he was often with the “leading scorer” on the field running back and forth trying to get a goal. I actually don’t think he sat in time out at all this season haha!

He was upset that soccer was over, and we are on the fence if we will put him in soccer again this spring. He keeps insisting that he wants to play baseball, so I think it might be t-ball for us in the spring and maybe try soccer again in the fall! It was fun, enlightening, and challenging at times, but in the end, his first soccer season was a big success 🙂 1370374_10153311650525507_1605834648_n 1371380_10153311649835507_1774195440_n 1371380_10153311649835507_1774195440_n 1374466_10153311652560507_1274859737_n 1392955_10153311654285507_197902092_n IMG_7774