This fall has been loads of fun!! Although we are always constantly busy, we still tried our best to assure we were doing lots of fun fall festivities with the kiddos…

Pumpkin Patch-  In my eyes, no fall is completed without going on a hayride and picking pumpkins at a pumpkin patch! This year we went back to Seiple Farms to do both! Brody was SOOOO excited this year about both the hayride and the pumpkins, but nothing made him more happy then going on the rides they had at the farm. We started with the hayride and both kids loved it! Sadie is such a fun baby who has NO FEARS at all, so I knew she would love everything about the hayride… Once at the patch, Brody was on the loose ready to find his pumpkin. He finally found one – a tall, thin pumpkin that he insisted he wanted. We knew it wouldn’t be a good carving pumpkin, but he loved it so we claimed it. Then, we found an AWESOME HUGE pumpkin carve and even let Sadie pick out two baby pumpkins herself. She loved the patch and just kept pointing at all of the pumpkins…point is her thang!

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Nazareth Halloween Parade- Seeing as how we just moved here a few months ago, we were excited to check out our local Halloween parade and it was GREAT! They closed down so many streets in the little town of Nazareth and I’m pretty sure everyone who lived within a 15 mile radius was there. IT WAS PACKED!! Brody was dressed in full Captain America attire and Sadie was the cutest little owl ever! I’m pretty sure Brody’s favorite parts of the parade were the marching band (he wouldn’t stop talking about it) and the candy throwing. For some reason they kept throwing LOADS of candy towards him (maybe it was his incessant jumping up and down yellowing pick me pick me!!)! He made out that day…

IMG_7754 IMG_7762

BOOFEST-  Every year we get season passes to Dorney Park for the summer, so we are able to attend their boofest events as well. It was soooo fun this year because Brody is at that age where he actually is starting to “Get” everything about Halloween. He loved “Trick or treating” down their make-shift candy houses, but his and Sadie’s favorite part of the BOOFEST was definitely the little petting zoo. I have never heard Sadie squeal so much when feeding the baby sheep, pigs etc.. and Brody couldn’t get enough of the llama! We ended with a nice ride on the carousel together! FUN TIMES! Just don’t ask Brody to take a picture with the HUGE pretend monster they had there- he was not having that!

IMG_7880 IMG_7887 IMG_7907 IMG_7912 IMG_7913 IMG_7916

Trick or treat #1- We normally do trick or treating by only my parent’s house because our old house was in a neighborhood with no kids and no candy! Seriously.. but this year, we figured we would do both their house and our new house, which is in a much more kid friendly neighborhood! Luckily trick or treating was the Friday before Halloween by my parent’s house, so we were able to do both. The kids (Robert, Brody, John & Sadie) were all very excited to trick or treat and were actually really good this year! My favorite part was when Brody went up to one of the first houses and sand the entire “trick or treat, smell my feet song…” he even included the pull down your underwear part! Yep – that’s my kid! Sadie looked adorable wobbling around in her little owl costume and was a trooper staying up the entire time 🙂 That’s my little nocturnal bird…she doesn’t need much sleep lol!

IMG_7838 IMG_7839 IMG_7843 IMG_7846 IMG_7851 IMG_7852 IMG_7874Pumpkin Carving- Of course we had to carve our pumpkin from the pumpkin patch! That sucker was HARD to carve because it was so big and thick, but we managed to get it done. Brody loved helping, although he wasn’t sure of the “guts” as he called the insides of the pumpkin. Sadie on the other hand dug right in!! We also used Brody tall, thin pumpkin to do the annual ghost foot pumpkin…it was neat to have two little ghost feet on the pumpkin this year!!

IMG_8002 IMG_8005 IMG_8018 IMG_8025 IMG_8033

Trick or treating #2-  Today we got to go trick or treating on HALLOWEEN DAY, which is something we haven’t done in forever! By our new house, trick or treating is on Halloween, so we were looking forward to that! Unfortunately, it was a rainy, wet day, but we still managed to get out there for a while and get some great loot for the kiddos. Brody woke up this morning and his “halloween present” was a new pair of Captain America light up shoes to match his Captain American costume! He was SOOOO EXCITED about these that he kept them on all day and even slept in them during his nap! For Sadie’s first halloween she got a box, yes, a box, because that is seriously what she loves more than anything in the world! She did also get a little Halloween touch and feel book, which she also enjoyed! Sadie was going to go as Wonder Woman, but a last minute reminder of tonight’s Bengals football game made me change my mind and put her in her new Bengals cheerleader uniform and it was perfect!! 🙂

IMG_8036 IMG_8040 IMG_8046 IMG_8058 IMG_8066

All-in-all our fall fun festivities were a great time, and now, as Brody said tonight when I was kissing him goodnight- BRING ON THANKSGIVING!! 🙂