(DISCLAIMER: I had this done a week ago, but the photos wouldn’t upload! I’m really not that late…this time!) 

How can it be?? Sadie turned one on November 14th, and I’m still in shock that she is officially one already! Wasn’t she just born? Didn’t I just come home from the hospital? Wow – that was a fast year, and all I want to do is put the brakes on to SLOW DOWN how quickly she is growing up; however, little Miss Sassy-pants is FAR too independent of a child and is certainly hitting the toddler phase much sooner than expected!

Here are Sadie’s stats:

Height: 31 inches (Brody was 31.5 inches)

Weight: 22.4 pounds (Brody was 26.11…yep – that’s why she seems so small to me still)

Clothing Size: She wears mostly 12 months now, but still wears some 9 month pants and sleepers. (Brody never wore 9 month clothing)

Eating habits: She eats only regular food and anything she can feed herself. She uses a spoon and a fork (Although we have to stab the food for her with the fork) and prefers things in bowls or on plates rather than just placed on her tray. She still takes a bottle before naps and bed and I don’t see us breaking that habit any time soon. I’m not going to lie – I secretly enjoy this time because she actually sits still and seems like a baby haha! Her favorite foods are blueberries, raspberries, chicken, pasta, cucumbers, peppers, apples, yogurt, and cheerios. She also loved yogurt melts and club crackers!

Sleeping habits: Sadie sleeps through the night most of the time!! She goes to sleep around 7:30 and is up around 6:30! She sometimes takes two naps a day for a total of 2 hours, but she will also be fine just taking one bigger nap in the middle of the day. She really doesn’t like napping AT ALL!!! Unlike Brody who still at 4 years old takes a good 2 hour nap every day!!

Favorite things: So Sadie doesn’t really like toys – she would much rather play with the following: velcro on shoes, brooms (not the little kid kinds), dominoes, phones, remotes, laptops, iPads, etc…so yeah, that’s fun! She has mounds of toys from her birthday that we haven’t even opened yet because she doesn’t really like to play with anything!! She would much rather run around, DANCE play hide and seek, DANCE, jump on the coach, DANCE, go up and down the stairs, DANCE, and do whatever Brody is doing…did I say DANCE?? Girlfriend is a natural born Dancer and will run and point to our radio in the kitchen whenever she wants to get down! She prefers country (thanks you JEremy!), but I’m trying to sway her to the other side 😉

Temperament: Sassy doesn’t quite define little Miss Sadie. She is the sweetest little thing…when she’s happy and gets her way! BUT, if she wants something and is told she can’t have it (phone, laptop etc..) she will FREAK out and have a tantrum until I divert her attention. She will kill you with her little side ways smiles and her stinker face (scrunches up her nose) though – which makes it hard to say no to her!! She is a really good girl…loves to entertain herself and is pretty laid back! There are definitely days though where she is B-A-D!! HAHA!

New accomplishments: Sadie can do “SO BIG” or “TOUCHDOWN” when asked, do “We’re number 1” while shaking her number one finger, give high fives without being prompted, waves high and bye, does the sign for more, all done, help, and eat, can say “dada” “mama” “bro” and “up”, blows kisses, does “head butts” (again thank you Jeremy), can take her shoes off (fun times), play peek-a-boo, turns the television on and off, can stack up her cups as high as they can go, points to objects in her books when told, knows squares, circles, ovals, and her favorite, trapezoids (from her puzzle)! She is just budding and changing DAILY!!

PARTY NUMBER 1: On Sadie’s actual birthday we took her to Build-a-Bear and let her build her very own stuff cat (She loves cats!!) Of course Brody got to pick out something too (A rudolph the reindeer). Sadie LOVED stepping on the pedal to fill up the bear with his fluff and really loved the music in the store. We weren’t planning on this, but SANTA was already at the mall and of course Brody saw him and wanted to take his picture – so we got that out of the way for this year even though neither kids was dressed “Christmasy” and Sadie refused to smile! It was still pretty cute especially when Brody told Santa he wanted chocolate cake for Christmas! BAHAHA! We had our immediate family over for pizza and cake that evening and Sadie got to smash another cake (even though she didn’t really like it AT ALL! She preferred to eat it with a spoon of course!) and she opened up some presents. She loved her dancing baby doll from grandma and grandpa!!

PARTY NUMBER 2: We had Sadie’s Milk & Cookie themed first birthday party on Sunday, Nov. 17th at Willow Tree Grove and it was just perfect!!! I spent FOREVER making all of the decorations, favors etc…but it was worth EVERY second to see it all come together! Besides, your baby girl only turns one ONCE!!! 🙂 We had about 60 people there and LOADS of adorable kiddos!! The bounce house was fun (And scary luckily we had mommy guards on duty!! HAHA), the pinata was a “hit” (corny!), the milk and cookie bar was yummy, and Sadie did GREAT! Again, she wasn’t a huge fan of her smash cake (yep…number 3!) but Brody, Robert and John were more than willing to smash it for her! That was one of my favorite moments ever! Another one of my favorite moments was the picture our awesome photographer (and ex-cheer coach!!) took of all of our life-long friends and their kiddos…so priceless and we all look pretty darn good considering how many kids we have between us HAHA! Sadie got far too many gifts – we are so blessed and fortunate to have such amazing family and friends!! It was just a great day…. the “sweetest” way I could have ever thought to celebrate her 1st birthday! It’s so hard to think about her turning one…knowing she’s my last baby and she is already not a baby anymore! However, at night, when I’m rocking her to sleep, she still looks so tiny laying in my arms and I try to savior every last second of that even though I know it will end sooner rather than later, but I find solace in knowing that she will always be my baby…

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY SADIE!! We love you so much…






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