I took Sadie to her very first little gym class on Tuesday and she LOVED everything about it! This was her first “class” that she went to aside from being an active participant at Brody’s classes! I was excited to take her because I knew she would just love it. She’s so active, climbs on everything in sight at home, and is quite the daredevil, so I figured she would get along just fine in this class!

I took Brody to the same class when he was younger, and although he didn’t “HATE” it, he strongly disliked it. He would cling to me, try to run out the door and didn’t like much other than the bubbles and the balls at the end – at first. He eventually learned to love it, but Sadie, nope, she had NO PROBLEM at all with the class. She ran right in and didn’t even look for me! She was the first to the bells and happily started shaking them and dancing to the music. She was the youngest in the class (all of the other kiddos were between 16-19 months) and the only girl, but she definitely held her own.

She ADOREd the balance beam and didn’t want to get off of it, but she also really loved just climbing up the obstacle course and rolling down. She is such a daredevil she even jumped right into the pit area without any hesitation! The teacher used her as a “example” twice to show others how to do things, and you would have thought Sadie had been going to these classes for months!

Brody has to come with us, but he stayed happily outside of the gym playing with his iPAd and eating some pretzels. His old teacher, who remembered us right away, was out there with him talking and hanging out, so he had a good time too 🙂

Needless to say….we signed her up for good! I think we have a natural gymnast on our hands!  🙂

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