(yeah yeah – I know I’m late, but at least I got it up before Christmas! I’m pretty impressed that I’m even doing this right now being sick, but I HAVE to get it done!)

Thanksgiving 2013 was the first holiday we were able to host at our new house and have everyone fit comfortably! We normally host Thanksgiving, but since we “upgraded” to our new house this year, we were excited to host and not squeeze into a tiny dining room!

We had both Jeremy’s side and my side over at our house, which turned out to be about 14 people or so with kids…that was about the maximum we were able to fit!

As always, Jeremy was in charge of frying up our turkey! This is something we have done for years now and it always comes out delicious! If you have never fried a turkey I highly recommend it! It’s AWESOME!

I made mashed potatoes, candied yams, a soap box cake, a ravioli casserole, a turkey fruit tray and a hoagie dip and everyone else brought things ranging from sausage stuffing (YUM!!!) to rice/broccoli casserole to apple crisp to green beans (italian style of course!!) Of course there was WAY too much food and everyone was STUFFED like a turkey afterwards, but it was so darn yummy!!!

There was so much to be thankful for this year between buying our new house, starting my new business, watching my babies grow, welcoming new friend’s babies into the world etc… of course, we did miss those who couldn’t be with us this year, and we always think about them, especially during the holidays, but we are thankful to have their memories, their stories, and their recipes (GRANDMA!!) to pass down!

Here are some pictures from TURKEY DAY GORDON STYLE 2013 (notice you will see NO pictures of my nephews…this is because they spend the entire time playing in the playroom with Aunt Nara and Brody! The only pictures I even got of Brody were before they came!! HAHA)


One day we won’t use plastic cups and plates…when the kids are older..WAY OLDER!


Pappy and his grandkids!


Sadie loves Grandma!


Best grandparents around!


The best shot we could get…Gordons 2013


I like to call this, “red-neck yacht club!” Yep… frying the turkey, carnhart, tv on recycling bins, old milwaukee, a fire pit, and cigars..


My girl being exposed to the ‘red-neck’ happenings out back! Is that a camo hat on her?!?!


Sadie only sits still for uncle Rob..which means he can watch her WHENEVER he wants! lol


My little turkey girl!


My big turkey boy!


Turkey fruit tray GOBBLE GOBBLE