I know I know…bad blogger lately!! I completely missed out on the holiday posts too ugh! Since I haven’t done an update on Sadie in a while, and she has changed SOOOOO much…here’s her 15 month updates!

Stats: Sadie weighs 23.9 pounds and is 28 inches tall! She is growing like a weed, but still wears all 12 month clothing, although some of her shirts are getting a little short making her little belly stick out! She is still a little “chubbs mcgee” and has the cutest little chubby legs!

Sleeping: Sadie sleeps through the night regularly now! HOORAY!!! She goes to bed around 8:30 (a little too late for my liking, but it’s the only time she falls asleep regardless of when we put her down!) and sleeps until 7 am. Nap wise, she is all over the place. Sometimes she still needs a morning and afternoon nap, but other days she will just take one long afternoon nap. I like and prefer those since Brody also naps in the afternoon, which means I get an hour to myself (WHAT!?!) but normally she takes two naps still…I’m sure she’ll transition to one soon since she fights her afternoon nap most days now! I’m just happy she is sleeping through the night!

Teething: Sadie has ALL of her teeth except for one stubborn molar and k-9 on the bottom left side of her mouth! The rest are all in, but these two little buggers are just killing her and causing her lots of pain! They’ve been working their way out for about 2 months now!! Poor girl – she has been a lot worse with teething than Brody was but I think it’s because it has taken them so long to come in where as Brody’s teeth would just pop out in a few days!

Eating: Sadie only feeds herself and will ONLY eat if she can use her own fork, spoon etc… She even insists on feeing herself yogurt, which gets SOOOO messy, but she just loves it!! Alas, she still takes formula in a bottle! She just loves those darn bottles, and I’m ok with it…for now! I wish she wasn’t on formula still, but like Brody, she can’t tolerate milk yet! It constipates her soooo bad and she won’t sleep – so toddler formula for us right now. She is a GREAT eater though in regards to regular foods and will eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you put in front of her. Her favorites are honeydew, watermelon, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwi, any pasta, chicken, sausage, hot dogs, yogurt, cereal, crackers, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and  yogurt melts.

Things she can do: Lately, Sadie is talking up a storm – which is amazing to me since Brody didn’t utter one single word until he was two!! She says, mama, dada, bro bro (for Brody), blue, hot, down, all done, cat, dog, no, yeah, bath, ouch, baby, and a few others – she will repeat or at least try to repeat most words you ask her to and does many signs such as more, thank you, please, stop, hot, eat, drink, and bath! She babbles, yells, screeches, and whines all day long haha! She does pretty much any animal noise from elephant to tiger to cat to dog….She can also feed herself with utensils, climb up and down the stairs unassisted, jump off the couch (awesome…sigh), do a forward roll, kick a ball (soccer star for real…she kicks it all around the house!), throw a ball, dance like crazy, and color/paint with crayons/markers! We have also started to potty train her and so far, she pees on the potty, but no poop! She doesn’t pee ONLY on the potty, but will when we put her own it and runs to the potty and screams for us to take her diaper off sometimes, which usually resorts in her peeing while we are half way between taking off her diaper and putting her on the potty!

Favorites: Sadie’s favorite toys are her books (Hoppity Hop Bunny, Brown Bear, Baby Peekaboo, and picture books with animals), her baby (baby ariel doll), her blocks, her pillow pet chaser, her stroller, and her giant dump truck! She is also obsessed with coloring, painting, and drawing, and is actually really good about not eating the crayons or markers. She loves just scribbling away at her art desk and can draw lines like a champ! Brody is her FAVORITE person alive…literally, she’s obsessed with him and calls his name non-stop when he’s at school (which hasn’t been often with this snow lately!). She follows him around and mimics everything he does, which is both cute and scary and how she learned to jump off of the coach! She also loves climbing and sliding up and down our indoor slide, which keeps her entertained for quite some time! And of course, he all time favorite thing to do is dance! Her current favorite songs to dance to are The Chicken Dance and Monsters Inside of My Head by Eminem (no joke!) She can dance for days…

Personality: Well, to describe Sadie as sassy doesn’t quite explain just how SASSY she actually is. Girlfriend knows what she wants and better get it when she wants it otherwise all hell will break lose. She can be the sweetest little thing, and CAN be calm and sit and play if she wants to, but the majority of the day is spent with me trying to keep her happy, content, and not whine, scream, or flip out haha! She is definitely a SCORPIO to a “T” and I’m scared to see how that will pan out in her teenage years lol! She is super snuggly though and funny as all heck, so it makes up for it! Lets just call her and “INDEPENDENT WOMAN!!” She is, however, super silly and keeps us laughing with her antics all day long!

Sadie keeps us on our toes for sure, but to say that she has brought us more joy than anything in this world (other than Brody of course) is an understatement. She has completed us and I can’t wait to watch her grow…

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