Well it appears as though I am really, REALLY awful at blogging and only update every 3 months…so right on time lol! Sadie is already 18 months old and time is flying! She is SUPER amazing and CRAZY and changes DAILY…here’s what’s going on with Sassy pants!


Stats: Sadie weighs 26.2 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall! She is growing like a weed, and has officially graduated to mostly 18 months clothing woohoo!! She can still fit in some 12 month pants/shirts, but all of her summer outfits are 18 months! According to the doctor she is average weight and height and is doing great in regards to her growing!


Sleeping: Sadie sleeps through the night, every night! HOORAY!!! She goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until 7 am. Nap wise, she goes down around 1pm and sleeps until about 3:30 or 4 depending on the day! She is really doing great with sleeping and Jeremy and I are SOOOOOO happy to never have to go through that sleepless night phase EVER.AGAIN!!

Eating: Sadie is off of toddler formula and transitioned perfectly to unsweetened vanilla almond milk! She loves it and drinks it both warm (in a bottle before nap and bed…sigh!) or cold in her sippy cups. Even though she has a sippy cup she insists on drinking out of a regular cup during meals since that’s what everyone else uses! She definitely wants to do what EVERYONE is doing!  She is a GREAT eater and has recently started to LOVE salads. Lettuce, almonds, tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and some ranch! She is in her glory! She has at least one of these salads a day and will ask for it over anything else. Some of her new favorites are raw almonds, mandarin oranges, chili, cereal bars and blackberries. However, she still LOVES any and all fruits and veggies…

Things she can do: Well, Sadie is a talker FOR SURE!! It’s weird because Brody didn’t utter a word until he was about 2, but Miss Sadie says well over 50! She is even starting to combine words like Bye bye Bird, or Hello baby! She says all sorts of things and will mimic our words whenever we ask her too. She can even say words like vampire (Brody taught her that because he thinks it’s funny) and computer! She still does some sign language while she talks, but I’ve noticed she’s dropping her signs as she becomes more verbal. She also loves to “sing” – this includes her dancing around saying “LA LA LA” mimicking Elmo’s song! Sadie can also jump with both feet off of the ground, play kickball like a champ, make a basket repeatedly in the basketball hoop, climb up on the stool (SCARY), clean herself in the bath with her washcloth, brush her own teeth (we help obviously!), dance like there’s no tomorrow, turn the TV on and off with the remote, tell us she has to go potty (although she rarely makes it to the potty – hey it’s as start!), and much more…she is such a little girl now and no longer a baby and she prooves that with her new skills each and every day! BREAKING NEWS!!! Sadie can not only wear pigtails BUT is even able to get all of her hair (with the exception of a few pieces in the front) up in a FULL PONYTAIL! This is huge considering she didn’t have much hair a few months ago! It’s this beautiful reddish, brownish, blonde color and changes in the light…so pretty! Like Brody could at an early age, Sadie can also pick out most shapes, colors, and even some words in her books!


Favorites: Sadie’s favorite toys/things to do are read her books (still), play with her baby (baby ariel doll) that now has to sleep with her every night, build up her stacking blocks, ride her giant dump truck, stack tubberware, play musical instruments, push and empty her shopping cart, jump on our new giant trampoline, sweep with brooms, pick dandelions, and the swing. OMG girlfriend would swing in either her baby swing or the hammock swing for days. She even loves to swing and sing at the same time…it’s too cute!  I don’t know what happened but Sadie is suddenly a “mama’s girl!” She is obsessed with me and doesn’t let me out of her sight…ever! She is definitely my little BFF haha! However, she also loves Daddy and greets him with a big hug and kiss when he comes home from work. Brody is still her favorite playmate and she is obsessed with grandma, grandpa and pappy too!


Personality: I’ve been saying this for quite some time, but Sadie is still sassier than ever!! She is bold, tough, and super funny! She does things to make us laugh on purpose, falls and skins her knee without even a whimper, and can throw a tantrum like you’ve never seen before! However, she is also starting to act shy around people she doesn’t know, often hiding behind my leg or begging for me to pick her up! She has this “son of a gun” look to her at all times – sort of like she’s always about to do or get into something she shouldn’t (which she normally does haha!) Sadie knows what she wants and better get it when she wants it otherwise all hell with break lose. Even though she’s super independent, sassy and a ball of energy, she still loves to cuddle, give hugs and kisses, and just sit together…those are the moments I love and cherish! Some ways people have described Sadie lately, are “sassy” “a pepper pot” “crazy” and “comedic” which I think pretty much sums up a lot of her personality haha!

I need to pause time because I just love this phase of her little life. She’s soooooo much fun and adorable despite the tantrums and sass! I love watching her explore the world around her and I LOVE watching her relationships with people blossom even more. I feel so incredibly blessed to have her as my daughter and look forward to what our future holds…but for now, I just want to keep her 18 months for as long as I can…

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