Happy “Whole Hand” to my BIG BOY BRODY! Yep, according to Brody, he’s “a whole hand old” now, so in “normal” terms, he’s FIVE! I really am not sure how I feel about this. I love and adore watching him grow up and learn new things, and he is FOR SURE growing into such a fun, smart, and handsome little boy, but it saddens me to think that he is growing up so fast. Yesterday I delivered him and here we are and he’s five! Where have the past 5 years gone?!?! People say it all the time, but it’s so true once you live it, TIME FLIES!!! I’m trying to slow down and enjoy every day more lately (cancer does that to you!), but even slowing things down seems to have sped things up – I just want him to stay my little man forever!

Brody’s turned 5 on September 6 and in typical Brody fashion, he wanted nothing more than to have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party! On the actual day of his bday we had our close family over for a little party, cake and presents! Brody woke up so “PUMPED UP” (his words!) for his big day and was excited to see the entire house was decorated in TMNT decorations! He loved his giant sized Leonardo balloon and especially loved all of his new toys! His favorite toys so far have been his TMNT weapons (POOR SADIE!) and his new Fliker scooter!!

The following day we had a fun Bounce U party for Brody and all of his friends attended! He was thrilled to see and bounce with all of his buddies and girlfriends (yes, according to him he has 100 girlfriend, so many, in fact, that he can’t remember their names haha!) He loved his fun TMNT cupcakes and the TMNT masks he gave out for his party favor was a huge hit! 🙂

Brody’s Stats:

Height- 45 inches

Weight- 49 pounds

Clothing- Brody is wearing a size 7 shirt, a size 6 pants, and a size 13 shoe! I’m not sure where I will go shopping for him soon since Carters only goes up to a size 7 by us!

Sleeping- This guy is an EARLY riser and always has been. He’s up before 7 o’clock each and every day, but, by the grace of God he still naps from 1:30-3:30 every day, so I guess I shouldn’t complain. He goes to bed around 8:30!

Eating- Brody’s FAVORITE foods are raspberries, oranges, carrots, salad, cheese, pumpkin pancakes, spaghettis and meatballs and turkey tacos 🙂 He also LOVESSSSSS anything that is a popsicle – his favorite treat for sure!

Playtime- Brody’s favorite things to play these days are of course, TMNT – but he also loves playing army, playing with Legos, reading books, riding his scooter, bouncing in his trampoline, and NOW – RIDING HIS BIKE WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS! Yep, he is officially a big boy now that he is minus his training wheels! So proud of him!

Favorites- Daddy, The Beatles (Eleanor Rigby and Paperback Writer are his fave songs) Pappy, His “bro” Uncle Chris, Country Music, Toy guns/knives, Grandma/Grandpa, His best buddy Ethan, Orange popsicles, Halloween anything, playing the guitar, swinging on the tree swing, Pete the Cat books, Pizza, Peppa Pig, Bike riding, Playing hide and seek, going in the hot tub, Dinosaurs, Monster’s University, The tickle monster game, emptying the dishwasher, and his scout doll! 🙂

Happy Birthday BIG BOY!! I love you more than you will ever know….DSCN4635


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