IMG_2138IMG_2363IMG_2359IMG_2280IMG_5889IMG_5865IMG_5850IMG_5849IMG_5817IMG_5812IMG_5806IMG_5805IMG_5804IMG_5801IMG_5799IMG_5791IMG_2187IMG_2182IMG_2176IMG_2166IMG_2347IMG_2327IMG_2321IMG_2319IMG_2314IMG_2295IMG_2273IMG_2270IMG_2262IMG_2260IMG_2258IMG_2255IMG_2251IMG_2240IMG_2239IMG_2237IMG_2260IMG_2258IMG_2255IMG_2251IMG_2240IMG_2239IMG_2237IMG_2235 IMG_2137 IMG_2124 IMG_2120 IMG_2113 IMG_2109 IMG_2104 IMG_2100 IMG_2094 IMG_2090 IMG_1642 IMG_1640 IMG_1637 IMG_1636 IMG_1635 IMG_1632 IMG_1625 IMG_1621 IMG_1619 IMG_1615 IMG_1612 IMG_1602 IMG_1595 IMG_1589We had an awesome 2014 holiday season JAMMED packed with non-stop fun! The weeks flew by because of all of the activities we had every weekend, but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. The kids were so much fun this year – Brody was just magical! The excitement and joy he got from every.single.experience was just so amazing. He was so appreciative of everything we did and that really showed me how sweet of a boy my little “Dennis the Menace” really is (that’s his nickname haha!!) Here are a few of our favorite things from the season…

Lights at the Zoo

We were THRILLED to be able to make it to the Lights at the Lehigh Valley Zoo – WOW, it was just so pretty! I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they made everything look, and they had some fun things for the kids to do as well. Brody loved seeing Santa’s reindeer and SANTA of course, while Sadie wouldn’t sit on his lap unless I did with her – awesome. We made smores, watched some movie clips projected on the barn, met Elsa (Whom Brody dubbed as his girlfriend) and danced in her magical FROZEN land, build “igloos” from foam blocks, met the Grinch and had a snowball fight with him (Sadie was very afraid of the GRINCH!), and took a photo opt in the GIANT snow globe. We will definitely be back next year for this beautiful, magical, experience!

Polar Express

This was the first time we were actually able to score tickets for the polar express and I was pumped lol! I have tried every year, but they are always sold out in a second – so when I Was able to stalk the website and snatch them up I was in my glory! The kids wore their matching PJ’s and were so excited – honestly, I have never seen them so thrilled about the train. We were the first in line, which was great because we were able to sit right up front and see all of the action from the start. When the train arrived I couldn’t keep my two crazy kids from squealing – it was so adorable. After we were seated we received our cookie and hot chocolate, which, if you know my kids, you know this was RIGHT up their ally. Then the jugglers came down the aisle, followed by Santa, a musician, and of course, we ended the train ride with some popcorn. Both of my kids LOVED dancing in the aisle to the music, they were, naturally, the only two dancing up a storm. I swear they just love to dance. I’m hopeful we can get tickets again next year, even if that means, staying up to stalk the website again!

Gingerbread/Cookie making

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without making gingerbread houses and cookies! Every year I make well over 1000 cookies, and this year, Brody and Sadie enjoyed helping me in several of the steps. Really, they just liked eating the warm cookies after every batch haha! Our gingerbread houses were what you would expect from a 5 and 2 year old, and they really just liked eating the candy more than decorating the houses, but hey, all four houses got put together and decorated and didn’t even fall apart!

Brody’s Christmas Concert

Brody’s had his Christmas concert on his last day of classes before his LOOOONNNGGGG break! It was soooo cute. They reenacted Twas the Night Before Christmas, in which Brody played Donner the reindeer. He was as I would have imagined, a COMPLETE ham. Once they started signing their songs, it was the funniest thing to see him up there totally hamming it up! He was singing, dancing, laughing, giving me the thumbs up, winking at me etc… if this child doesn’t become an actor I’ll be shocked. After the concert, Santa arrived and Brody, again, got to sit on his lap and ask for his blue shiny drum set!

Christmas Eve

Each year we go to my parent’s house Christmas Eve to celebrate with my family. It’s always a fun time filled with LOTS of food, presents, and LOUD happy children haha!! My mom, dad and sister made an amazing meal of shrimp scampi, chicken parm, fish, etc…OMG the food was so delicious! I brought my cookie tray and my sister made her cheesecake – we were definitely stuffed after that meal! The kids got WAYYYY too much stuff as usual! Brody received his Leap TV game system and Sadie loved her Baby Alive (that actually pees – I don’t understand why I’m not changing another diaper in the house haha!!) Sadie also got her doll swing/highchair from my sister and an adorable Minnie Mouse outfit from my brother and Nikkie. Brody received his Volcano set (yes he asked for a volcano) from my sister and a paw patrol vehicle from Uncle Rob and AUnt Nikkie!  My parent’s bought me a coffee/hot water maker since I’m obsessed with tea and Jeremy is obsessed with coffee! I will always have hot water at my disposal now 🙂

Christmas Day 

This Christmas was very special to me – there were many times I worried I wouldn’t’ get to see another holiday with my babies. I relished in their excitement, cherished their spirit, and was grateful for the magic! Strangely, both kids woke up at almost exactly the same time, so we were able to rush downstairs to see their new presents. Brody quickly spotted his new Lego table and they both SCREAMED and ran over to it and began playing on it immediately! Uncle Chris put together an awesome Lego turtle submarine which Brody hasn’t stopped playing with! We let them play with that for a while and finally I reminded Brody he hadn’t seen the Christmas tree yet! They both ran downstairs and Brody SCREAMED! He said, “MOMMY – LOOK AT WHAT SANTA DID!!!!!!” Meaning…look at my BLUE SHINY DRUMSET! Yep, both he and Sadie received drum sets from Santa and they were put together and ready for them to rock out! They both ran over and started playing their drums immediately!! They played a concert for us for about 10 minutes and then again, remembered there were more presents. Brody was methodical in the way he opened them all up. He would open them, look at it, show me and Daddy, and then stack them up in piles. Sadie was just happy with her pretend makeup set and really could have cared less about anything else. We decided to color code their gifts to make it easier for them to find them. So Brody had the blue snowman wrapping paper and Sadie had the silver snowman wrapping paper. Their combined gifts had multi colored snowmen. This was the best idea YET!! There was no worrying about who was opening up what and they were both able to find their presents without any problems!! They both received their Santa sacks as well which were filled with the presents they specially asked Santa for (minus the drum sets) So far, Brody’s favorite presents have been his Lego Table, monster jam tickets (he talks about this every two minutes!), his drum set, his Big Hero 6 action figures, and his Squiz building toys. Sadie ADORES her play makeup and has been putting it on me, Daddy, Brody and anyone else who she can get to wear it! She also loved her bath baby and her twin babies she can push in her new baby doll swing. I thought I was done with all of the baby items, but apparently when you have a girl you need them back again, so now I have baby doll sized swings, strollers, cribs, bath tubs etc… but it’s definitely fun and SO different from the Dinosaurs/Cars I’m used to playing with!

After their naps we went to my father-in-laws where the kids (and us) were YET AGAIN spoiled!! They had almost as much stuff there as they did here! It was insane!! Brody loved his new Dinosaur dictionary set and Sadie realllllyyyyy loved her new magna doodle! Uncle Chris bought Sadie some adorable outfits and Brody still has one special present (an Arizona Cardinals jersey) to open with Uncle Chris! He’s going to flip out! We are so grateful and thankful of all of our amazing family who spoil our kiddos constantly! They need for nothing, and they are so blessed!