Well sadly, today was our last day of vacation. Man – time flies when you’re having fun!

When Brody woke up we asked what he wanted to do today. He replied, “Play on the playground and go to the pool!” So that’s what we did!

We got to the playground near the pool about 30 minutes before the pool opened, which gave him plenty of time to play! It was already starting to get hot, but I can’t complain because so far, today was the only really HOT day we’ve had on vacation. Thank goodness!

Brody loved that the jungle gym had a telescope on it! He kept saying that he was a pirate looking for treasure…of course!

The pool opened, and again, we were the first ones in there. We happily jumped right in since we were already started to get warm. We spent about two hours playing and swimming, and we even met some of Jeremy’s friends kids at the pool so Brody could play with some kids his age! He loved it…

We came back for lunch and Brody’s nap. We decided that since it was so warm out, we would just relax around the house until dinner time, go out to eat, and then come back and do whatever Sir Brody wanted.

We went to dinner at a lovely restaurant near Ocean City, NJ called Yesterdays and we were hoping that Brody would redeem himself from dinner the other night! HE SURE DID!! THANK GOODNESS!

Brody happily played and ordered his own dinner, a grilled cheese, chips, and a cup of water! We ordered crab meat nachos YUMMY, and I had a greek salad for dinner while Jeremy had a shrimp scampi cheesesteak. Everything was delicious…we even left room for dessert of course. Brody ordered vanilla ice cream with whipped cream on top. Jeremy and I split a peanut butter mousse pie and yet again, Brody commandeered our dessert!! We did manage to get in a few bites though before he consumed the rest! Brody was back to his normal self at the restaurant, which was a relief because for a minute there I thought that we had lost our well-behaved restaurant goer!

We came back to the house, and Brody wanted to go for a wagon ride, but he didn’t want to go in it, instead, he wanted to pull it around the resort!

He is now watching Cars 2 for a bit before bed! We managed to do most of our packing and are ready to relax the rest of the night! It was definitely an amazing vacation filled with lots of great memories of my family!!

I loved watching my little man run towards the ocean! I loved watching him learn how to run into the waves and chase after daddy! I loved watching him build his first ever sand castle! I loved sharing a delicious Kohr’s brothers ice cream cone with him on the boardwalk! I loved playing with Brody in the lake and watching him marvel in the fact that he could stand all the way out! I loved spending relaxing nights with my hubby playing cards, yahtzee and scrabble! I loved watching my little man sit by his first campfire and eat his first smores! I loved having a water gun fight in the rain! I loved hanging out with Jeremy and Chris while discussing life around the campfire. I loved that both Jeremy and Uncle Chris got to feel my little girl kick! I loved how appreciative Brody was saying things like, “I love vacation”, “Thank you for my fun day”, and “I love you mommy and daddy”! I loved watching Uncle Chris read Brody bedtime stories and hear Brody say, “I love you Uncle Chris”! I loved the yummy food we enjoyed and trying new things (crab legs) even if they were a pain in the butt! I loved just being with my family 24/7 without any other distractions of every day life. I loved vacation!!! I look forward to coming back next year to celebrate more firsts with my family…including our little girl!!

Pirate Brody looking for treasure!


So excited for his dessert!

Our yummy peanut butter pie that Brody ate!!

Brody’s idea of a wagon ride!