You ever have one of those weekends that leave you just so happy and fulfilled that you can’t help feeling completely blessed? Well, this past weekend was definitely one of them for me…

The weather was perfect, Jeremy was off from one of his many jobs all weekend (which is RARE that we have him home the entire weekend!!), and we had tons of fun just being together as a family!

On Friday, Jeremy took Brody to the carnival at his school, and Brody won a stuffed Dolphin and some bubbles! He was so excited to tell me all about it when he got home from school. We were surprised by a visit from Jeremy’s dad and brother, which made Brody’s day! He loves his Pappy and his Uncle Chris, but I think what made his night even better was racing both Pappy and Uncle Chris down the hill on the mini bikes! (I have GOT to get pictures of this soon!!)

On Saturday morning I took a nice 4 mile run outside (and not pushing a jogging stroller) all alone….it was so peaceful and perfect weather! Later that day, Aunt Nicole came over to hang out with the kiddos for a little before we headed over to Outback Steakhouse for our BFF Kerri’s baby sprinkle lunch. Brody LOVED playing with Aunt Nicole and was bummed he didn’t get a chance to have a water fight with her and make smores….next time!

We headed to Kerri’s lunch and had a yummy meal and a great time with some amazing ladies. Lots of love and lots of laughs…I can’t wait to meet her little peanut who’s due the end of June! I just wish I knew what she was having!!! (I think it’s a boy!!)

We decided that as long as the weather is nice (and Jeremy’s not working) we are going to dedicate Saturday nights as “Smores Saturdays”…Brody absolutely loves sitting by the fire pit and loves S’mores even more! My hubby was also craving some buffalo chicken nachos, so I whipped up a homemade batch for him as well! YUMMY!

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After being up from 1-4 and then from 4:30-6:15 with Sadie Saturday night (poor girl is teething TERRIBLY!!), Jeremy let me sleep in until almost 9 o’clock while he and Brody played “superheros” all morning. We then got ourselves together (after a HUGE cup of Green Tea for me – I was hoping it would give me some energy!), and headed to a local fishing pond for Brody’s first fishing adventure. I’m not sure who was more excited – Jeremy or Brody! Brody did awesome casting the line and loved watching the “bobber” go up and down when the fish would nibble on the worm. He also loved helping daddy put the worms on the hook (yuck), and was so excited to catch not one, but two fish! He caught a sunny and a large mouth bass – but of course, we threw them back! Sadie and I had fun playing on the picnic blanket, and I even took a few casts myself…

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While Brody napped Jeremy and I set up an EPIC water fight outside equip with water balloons, water guns, cups of water, the hose, and buckets! We put stations all around our backyard and had all of the items sporadically placed everywhere. I was pretty pumped about this water fight considering we have been waiting for a nice day to do it and gathering the materials for a few weeks now. Once Brody woke up, it was on!! At first we started out on a team; me and Brody against Jeremy! But that quickly changed when SNEAKY Jeremy hid a huge supersoaker blaster and bucket without me knowing and started SOAKING us non-stop! I was smarter though and decided I needed to take away his water source, so when he ran after Brody to the front yard, I grabbed his huge refilling bucket and waiting for him to turn the corner…and then attacked! Naturally, Jeremy grabbed the hose and DRENCHED me…so I guess I lost actually! It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

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After a yummy BBQ dinner, and storytime with Brody and Sadie, both kiddos passed out early, which is why I’m able to write this post! While I do, I can’t help but smile thinking about what an amazing weekend we had and the countless memories we made…